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Balika Vadhu: Sanchi Insults Jagya, Family

By: Vrinda Pillai
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Last night's (November 7) episode of Balika Vadhu begins with Basant, Bhairov and Dadisaa welcoming the guests at Jagya-Ganga's wedding reception. Shiv, Anandi and her in-laws get a warm welcome from the Singh family. Daddu informs Dadisaa about Alok who is in a meeting, and about Meenu and Saanchi who are at home. Shiv overhears some villagers gossiping about how Shiv and his family tried to get Jagya in trouble and how Jagya had a narrow escape.

Back in the Shekhar household, Alok and Meenu are very tensed that Sanchi is not in the house and start calling her friends to inquire about her whereabouts. When they call Ankita, she tells them that she is not aware where Sanchi is and later says to herself that their little sister is all ready to give them a shock!

Ganga and Jagya join the crowd in the haveli and everybody is glad to see the newly weds. The Singh family begin to sing, dance and entertain the guests. Anandi and all other ladies too join in the fun. Just then, Sanchi comes and starts dancing. Everybody is shocked to see her. Sanchi addresses Dadisaa as buddi (old woman) and introduces herself to the villagers. She congratulates Ganga on the marriage and acquiring all his family wealth.

Sanchi insults Jagya's family and tells Dadisaa that since she got a 'village bahu' she must be happy. The villagers gathered at the function realises that Sanchi is drunk and start speaking bad about her. Ira, Shiv and Daddu are very angry at Sanchi and asks her to keep quiet. However, Sanchi refuses to stop and tell them that she is celebrating Jagya's marriage. She goes on to tell Dadisaa that she is the leader of all hypocrites and congratulates her since Ganga has got a 'readymade grand child' for her! Ira is furious and slaps Sanchi.

In today's episode of Balika Vadhu, you will see Ira telling Sanchi how hurt she is by her behaviour and how glad she is that Jagya did not marry her. Stay locked!

Basant, Bhairov Welcome Villagers

Basant, Bhairov and Dadisaa welcome the villagers for Ganga and Jagya's wedding reception at the haveli.

Dadisaa Welcomes Anandi, Family

Dadisaa welcomes Anandi and family for Jagya-Ganga's wedding reception.

BV: Shiv, Ira Overhears

Shiv and Ira overhears some villagers gossiping about how Shiv and his family tried to get Jagya in trouble.

Jagya, Ganga Join The Reception

Jagya and Ganga walk in at the reception.

Dadisaa Introduces Ganga

Dadisaa introduces Ganga to the villagers as Jagya's wife and her bahu.

The Ladies Dance

The ladies dance and enjoy themselves at the reception.

Meenu Concerned

Meenu is worried and is wondering where Sanchi is gone.

Meenu, Alok Worried About Sanchi

Meenu and Alok are worried that Sanchi is not at home and calls her friends to inquire.

Alok, Meenu Call Sanchi's Friend

Alok, Meenu call Sanchi's friend to know if Sanchi is with her. She tells them that Sanchi might be with Ankita.

Alok, Meenu Calls Ankita

Meenu calls Ankita who tells them that she is not aware where Sanchi is.

Sanchi Insults Everybody

Sanchi goes drunk to the haveli and creates a scene.

Sanchi Dances

Sanchi walks in drunk and starts dancing along with others at the haveli.

Dadisaa Stunned By Sanchi's Behaviour

Dadisaa is shocked to see Sanchi's misbehaviour at Jagya-Ganga's reception. Sanchi addresses Dadisaa as 'Budiya' (old woman).

Ira Shocked

Ira is shocked to see Sanchi drunk and misbehave at Jagya-Ganga's reception.

Sanchi Creates A Scene

Sanchi creates a scene before everybody gathered at Jagya and Ganga's reception. Ira is furious at Sanchi.

Ira Slaps Sanchi

Ira is disgusted with Sanchi and slaps her before everybody.

Villagers Gossip About Sanchi

Villagers are shocked with Sanchi's behaviour and say that that she has brought shame to the entire family.

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