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Bigg Boss 7's Ajaz And Kushal Dig Grave For The Housemates By Discussing Nominations!

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Discussing the nominations is a taboo in the Bigg Boss house and the housemates are aware about this fact. However, Ajaz and Kushal seem to forget about this thumb rule and engage in a conversation about strategically planning for nominations. As the day for nominations approaches, Ajaz claims to be confused and consults Kushal and Gauhar regarding nominations. While Gauhar abstains from encouraging this conversation, Kushal shares inputs with Ajaz that leads to creating a game plan to ensure that their toughest competitors face nominations.

However, they seem to have forgotten about being under constant camera glare because they are soon made aware of the fact in a public setting with Bigg Boss makes all the housemates watch footage of Kushal and Ajaz's conversation pertaining to nominations that puts Sangram, Tanisha and Kamya on their hit list. While everybody is appalled by Kushal and Ajaz's conspiracy, Gauhar also draws criticism from her fellow housemates for bearing witness to the conversation and not stopping them from doing so.

As a repercussion of the rule-breaking, Bigg Boss decides to punish not only the lawbreakers, but also other contestants who were not a part of the conversation.

What will this punishment be? Will the other contestants agree to be a part of it? What ever the answer, there is going to be fresh new batch of yelling and swearing that is going to be exchanged in Bigg Boss house tonight.

Ajaz Started It

Ajaz would start the nomination talk with Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan. But when Gauhar refuses to discuss, Ajaz and Kushal continue to discuss about whom they will be targeting.

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss would make the inmates realise what has happened by announcing there will be bad repercussions for Kushal and Ajaz's behaviour.


Kamya will be the first person to express that this is unfair since it was not them who had done the deed.

Kushal And Ajaz

Kushal and Ajaz, who were the partners in crime, will be having a tough time digesting this news.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan, though did not participate in this discussion, will be paying for it, also because she did not stop them from doing the mistake.

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