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Bigg Boss 7: Andy, A Captain At Last; Armaan Hurts Sofia For 'His' Tanisha!

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Bigg Boss 7's popularly loved contestant VJ Andy's wish to become a captain has at last come true, and he finally gets to sleep on his favourite bed in the house! Also, Amraan Kohli while explaining himself about his behaviour towards Sofia Hayat (when he purposely or accidentally hurt her), said that he did what he did while he was protecting "his" Tanisha.

Bigg Boss announced the task 'Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Jaa' to elect the next captain of the house. As part of the task, the housemates are required to sit inside the car without a washroom and food break and the ones who step out will no longer be in the running for captaincy. The contestants are asked to enter the car only after they hear the task alarm. As the contestants run towards to car to get seated, Armaan finds himself left out of the car. Andy tries to make some space for him, but Armaan, feeling bad, decides not to enter the vehicle. Soon after, Kushal feels suffocated and decides to quit the task.

During this, Sofia decides to have some fun with the people in the car and starts splashing the car with dirty water using a mop. Armaan, who assumed that she was aiming Tanisha (who was sitting in between Kamya and Ajaz) and decided to stop her. In the process of which he "accidentally" hurt her with the mop they were fighting for. Later, Kushal and Armaan fight (again) on this issue.

Sofia, who was very upset because of Armaan and Tanisha's behaviour towards her when she lost the previous Ball task, looses her cool at this point. She decides to leave the house, saying she can't live with a person like Armaan. Bigg Boss tries to sort things out between Armaan and Sofia, but when Armaan tries to point himself as the victim, Sofia says she has had enough and walks off. Bigg Boss then talks to Sofia alone and manages to convince her to calm herself and stay back at least until the weekend.

Coming back to the Car task, with Gauhar, Kushal, Armaan and Tanisha giving up, Andy, Kamya and Sangram remain inside the car. Kamya and Sangram then decide to give up, so Andy can become the captain. Thus, Andy comes to be the captain of the house, at last. He can now sleep in the big bed he so badly wanted to sleep in.

Armaan was seen explaining his behaviour towards Sofia to Tanisha and he said that whatever he did was in an attempt to protect 'his' Tanisha because he knew that Sofia was aiming the dirty water for Tanisha.

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Victory to Andy, because of whom the sentence "Vote for Andy" has become the mantra of Bigg Boss 7!

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