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Shocking: Armaan Kohli Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss 7 House, Not Gauhar, Ajaz Khan!

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One more shock hits the Bigg Boss 7 house after Kushal Tandon got evicted in the mid week elimination. Salman Khan calls Armaan Kholi's name to pack bags and leave the house today. Thought for eliminations, anyone from Khans - Ajaz and Gauhar were to be eliminated, it's shocking to know that it's Armaan, who ends his journey in the house. It has indeed been a long journey for Armaan, who almost came till the end of the show.

Armaan had always been a loud mouth and talk of the show. Be it his tiff with Andy or Kushal or the bigger one, which shocked all, with Sofia Hayat. Not to forget, the alleged affair with Tanisha. No doubt, he has been giving the content to the show. We can even say that he has been the most controversial person in the house.

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From the start, till now he has been the topic of discussion. The very third day in the show, he picked fight with Jannat Wasis for not providing him with proper food. He had even called Kamya a 'divorcee' and had abused Andy several times. Armaan and Tanisha's arguments, Kushal calling Kushal "Buddha" (old man) and "flop actor", and Armaan in turn calling Kushal "kaaliya", is known to all.

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The recent one being, Sofia Hayat, after coming out from Bigg Boss House, filed a case against Armaan Kohli on being suggested by her friends-inmates Kushal and Gauhar. She filed a complaint against him for allegedly abusing her during her stay in Bigg Boss house. Armaan Kohli's arrest made his inmates Kushal and Sangram happy, while audience were shocked with this sudden development.

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Armaan's entry, obviously made audience and not to forget, Tanisha happy. As soon as he entered house, on 96th day Armaan and Tanisha were caught discussing marriage plans.

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Bigg Boss, this week shocked all by separating love birds Kushal and Gauhar, by evicting Kushal and now with Armaan's elimination, we see another love pair Tanisha-Armaan being separated. Both couples' fans must be missing the fun for another week.

Armaan Kohli

No one could beat this loud mouth. He has always been the talk of the show. But this time he had to pack his bags, may be his arrest was a big drawback in the house, which made audience vote for eliminations.


Now that Armaan is eliminated, the alleged couple's fans will be very disappointed as they will not be able to see the drama between the two!


Monday nominations had the six in mates, other than captain Sangram, nominating against each other. Gauhar, Kushal, Ajaz and Tanisha get the highest votes. Tanisha was saved by Sangram, and Kushal was voted out this mid week, leaving Gauhar and Ajaz in danger zone. But it's shocking to see Armaan getting eliminated, who was no where in the list of eliminations.


Sofia Hayat had filed a complaint against Armaan for physically assaulting her. Armaan apparently had hit Sofia on her face with a mop during a task in the house. Both Armaan and Sofia had often got into arguments.


The Angry Man, Armaan had a major argument with Kushal Tandon recently on the show.

Armaan Arrested

Armaan was arrested after Sofia filed a case against him, which was shocking to all Bigg Boss fans.

Armaan Back After Getting Bail

Armaan Kohli was back in the Bigg Boss 7 house after being granted bail.

Armaan Pelted with Rotten Tomatoes!

Armaan was pelted with rotten tomatoes by a women of Rashtrawadi Congress Party.

Armaan Father Files Case

It also has to be noted that Armaan's father Rajkumar Kohli had filed a defamation case against Sofia Hayat.

Luxury Budget Task

During luxury budget task, Ajaz stood near the table who took the items and transferred it to Tanisha's mouth, she much happily passed it to Armaan, then to Gauhar, Gauhar to Sangram and he to Andy. They all managed to get a decent ration for the ending week.


Over the time spent in the Bigg Boss house, Tanisha and Armaan had grown quite close to each other and were seen sharing every waking moment together.


Armaan Kholi and Shilpa Agnihotri had a tiff, when Armaan pushed her hubby Apruva Agnihotri during a task.


Angry man Armaan hasn't left any one in the Bigg Boss house. He also had abused Andy few times.


Armaan and Ajaz also had a tiff, during an argument with Sofia.

Love Birds Separated

Bigg Boss, this week shocked all by separating love birds Kushal and Gauhar, by evicting Kushal and now with Armaan's elimination we see another love pair Tanisha-Armaan being separated. We should wait and see how Tanisha Mukherjee would react to this.

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