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Bigg Boss 7: Armaan The Loudmouth; Tanisha The Pushover; Sangram The Sissy!

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Bigg Boss 7 off late has been bringing out the actual personalities of most of the contestants. The most obvious and pretty prominent is that of Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee. Armaan continues to boss around Tanisha while she remains a pushover. Sangram Singh, on the other hand, who has never stood up for anyone is cornered to take a stand, but in the process comes across as a sissy instead.

Bigg Boss' latest luxury budget task made Sangram and Kamya the leaders to make parties of their own and convince inmates to take their side instead of the other, and whoever has the highest number of followers by the end of the task will be declared a winner. Also, the leadership can change hands with a minimum following of three inmates.

Thus started the Rajneeti in the house. Kamya's pink team initially had Pratyusha, Gauhar and Ajaz Khan, and the rest made up Sangram's yellow team. Then started the planning to win the task. The yellow team made up a plan to do whatever it takes to win this task, even at the cost of making Sangram a ploy.

Who wins at the end of the task is yet to be seen, but what happened during the task is what brought out the actual personalities of the contestants. Armaan Kohli, the loudmouth in the house, starting a fight with Sangram by calling him a liar and also cussing at him. He continued the yelling, later at Tanisha. He even said, "I don't have anything to do with you from now on." But Tanisha was normal with him even after him saying that he does not want to deal with her!

Also, Tanisha and Gauhar's differences are going to take a center stage yet again in tonight's episode. Continue reading more details about this in the photo slider.

Armaan Takes Tanisha Too Lightly?

Armaan is seen taking Tanisha too lightly very often. In the name of temper, he is seen yelling words at her very often.

Tanisha Fine With It?

Tanisha Mukherjee seems to be fine with him bossing her around. Most often Armaan silence her pretty easily.

He Wouldn't Listen

Even in the last episode, when Armaan demanded her to tell all that he has never plotted against anyone, apparently Tanisha replied to him, but without listening to her, as usual, accused her of not doing what he said!

Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh seems to believe strongly that he has never lied and never said anything about anyone. But when Armaan claimed he is lying, Sangram stood up for his word.

Fight Again

Sangram and Armaan had a pretty bad argument regarding this issue and both were on the verge to fight each other.

Armaan The Boss

Armaan is seen bossing around Tanisha and she seems pretty comfortable with it. In one of their conversations, he was accusing her for not getting his tea on time.

Tanisha, The Pushover

Even when Armaan yell at her and treat her pretty badly, Tanisha seems to stick to Armaan!

Elli, The Leader

Elli Avram will be made the yell team's leader due to the issues with Sangram and Armaan.

Tanisha And Candy

Tanisha and Candy Brar are seen together very often.

Luxury Budget Task

The luxury budget task has brought out the real colours of Armaan Kohli.


Kamya is the leader of the pink team and she gave a small speech asking them to follow her.


Sangram gave an impressive speech showing off his politician talent.

Sangram-Armaan Fight

Armaan and Sangram fought with each other. Armaan, as usual, had the loudest voice.


Tanisha Mukherjee, as usual, was trying to calm Armaan. But he was quite clear that he does not care about what she has to tell him.

Sangram Hurt

Sangram, who was hurt previously when Armaan nominated him, was seen shedding tears when he said a few hurtful words to him.

Sangram Not Strong?

Sangram, who seems like a big strong guy, is not strong enough when it comes to fighting Armaan?

Tanisha And Gauhar

During the course of the debate, Gauhar explained to the other contestants how Sangram had failed as a leader and no longer represented the right side. Hearing this, Tanisha interrupted Gauhar and made some personal remarks about Gauahar by calling her a 'cook' which in turn offended Gauhar.

Stay Quiet Tanisha

Not one to remain silent, Gauhar asked Tanisha to stay quiet and not to speak about her. Tanisha, to this, quipped that she was only using her Freedom of Speech and that nobody had the right to stop her from doing so.

No Cooking From Gauhar And Kamya Anymore

Gauhar and Tanisha further engaged in an intense verbal spat following which Gauhar decided to stop cooking for the housemates and even asks Kamya to do the same.

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