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Bigg Boss 7’s Biggest Cry Babies: Gauhar, Armaan, Rajat, Ajaz Top The List!

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Here is the list of the biggest cry babies of Bigg Boss 7, who through their tears, either irritated the audiences or got sympathetic votes. Gauhar Khan, Ajaz Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Rajat Rawail top the list.

Bigg Boss 7 had many contestants, who cried for every reason well known to them, but there were some who cried almost for no reason. Be it the fights or the emotional torture given to them the only reaction that came out for this was tears and weeping. The early days in the Bigg Boss house had one person whose outburst literally scared every house mate. He was none other than the six pack coming soon man Rajat Rawail whose health issues got the whole house in chaos.

Gauhar Khan who is now in the top 4 tops the list. She was seen crying the most in the whole season. When proposed by Kushal even then she cried and her meeting with her sister Nigaar Khan also made her weep like crazy.

Next in the list was Kamya Punjabi, who can be called a genuine crier. She was seen crying with Pratyusha when they were in jahannum and when Armaan called her a divorcee. But there was a awww moment for the crying when she saw her daughter's video who sang a nursery rhyme for her mother.

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Rajat Rawail

Rajat was the biggest cry baby of this season whose crying scene gave panic attacks to many in the house.

Gauhar Khan

Guahar was seen crying before a fight, after a fight and for every good or bad thing.

Kamya Punjabi

Next in the list is Kamya Punjabi who cried while fighting and she missing her daughter a little too much was the main reason for her tears.

Anita Advani

Anita was seen crying remebering Rajesh Khanna and then she cried when she got to know that Armaan had betrayed her.

Armaan Kohli

The strong man Armaan was seen crying when he met Andy's mother. Feelings on its heights!

Elli Avram

Elli the cute little angel of Sangram cried when Armaan apparently misbehaved with her.

Gauhar Cries Again!

Gauhar Khan cried over and over again and is still crying in the Bigg Boss house. Kushal was her support whenever she cried.

Ajaz Khan

Ajaz cried his heart out obviously when jealous because he couldn't take it anymore when Gauhar and Kushal were getting a little too close.

Armaan Crying!

Armaan was seen crying again when he heard his own mother's voice. Sofia would have been happy after seeing this.

Pratyusha Banerjee

The Balika Vadhu fame cried a lot when Andy called her baingan and then later she was seen crying after she recieved a gift from her parents.

The Crying Task

There was one task that made not only the inmates cry but even the audiences. This was the play, pause and rewind task where all the inmates met their family members.

Shilpa Agnihotri

Shilpa cried when she saw her hubby Apoorva getting his hair chopped in a task.

Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha had only one reason to cry which was Armaan. She cried for Armaan and only because of Armaan. Love it is!

Elli The Cutest Cry Baby

The Mickey Virus girl cried again when she did not see butter applied over her roti and while clarifying with Kamya her tears rolled down her cheeks.

Cry Babies Of Bigg Boss 7

All the cry babies either had genuine reason to shed their tears or landed up doing it for the camera sake.

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