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Bigg Boss 7: Day 2 - Inmates Taste Jahannum Ka Aow!

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Bigg Boss 7 - Day 2: It's just the second day and Bigg Boss has already started giving the Jahannum-vaasis the real taste of Hell. The day starts with Bigg Boss giving the Hell-mates a task to ensure that the Heaven mates get the basic necessities like gas and water. They are asked to churn two wheels which will in turn trigger water and gas supply in the hell side.

Initially, the Jahannum-vaasis take the task with much enthusiasm to meet the needs of the other side, but are let down when the Heaven-mates do not show much appreciation for their efforts. The Hell-mates got to see the Angry young man Armaan vent out on the Heaven-mates. He later also removes his mike to revolt against not getting his basic needs.

Further, Andy and Pratyusha get into an argument where Andy makes fun of her spiritual believes. Pratyusha gets offended and gives it back to him and asks him not to talk anything against her God and should draw a line somewhere. Later, Andy understands her point of view and apologises her for the same. He is seen talking to Sangram that he is pulling her leg because he finds her sweet and kind and has started liking her.

After sweating out by churning the wheel, the hell mates take a quick break and get together to talk about Jannat-vaasis. Kushal, Arman, Kamya and Pratyusha feel that whatever they are going through is unfair. They also mention that Anita Advani doesn't deserve to be in the Bigg Boss house and appears to be quite fake.

Later, to lighten the moment, they were seen getting playful with the Elli's frog toy. On the other side in the heaven house, Rajat shares a funny story to Hell mates on how they enjoyed playing cricket with Salman Khan and to compete with his six packs he displayed his family pack.

Turn after turn, the Hell-mates are on their toes and churning the wheel time to time for water and gas facility on the heaven side. After performing this task for the whole day, they get a shock of their life when they are asked to perform this task throughout the night when the Heaven-mates are asleep. Failing to do this, a siren will ring and lights on the Heaven side will be switched on and their luxury budget will also get affected.

They Hell-mates are not in favour of continuing this task and revolt against it. Even the Jannat-vaasis are empathising with them. But after mutual consensus they decide that they won't give up and continue the task throughout the night. Exhausted, bruised and wounded, the Hell-mates carry out the task till early morning successfully.

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No Water No Cooking Gas

The day started normally enough, but soon both sides of the house discovered that they had no water or cooking gas. This leaded to a lot of funny discussions in both sides of the house, with Sangram suggesting that they use the water in the pool for their bathroom needs!

Turn Wheel Whole Night

When it became clear that the Hell-mates would have to turn the wheel for the whole night for the Heaven-mates sleep, both the sides of the house had an intense discussion. All the Hell-mates showed how their hands were blistered during the task and refused to continue, while the Heaven-mates had no choice but to listen sympathetically.

Tasks Inhuman

The argument continued inside with Armaan declaring that the task was inhuman and that the Hell mates wouldn't continue. On the Heaven side, Gauhar and Tanisha had a heated discussion, with Tanisha wanting to be more sympathetic while Gauhar insisted on being practical. This discussion invited a catty remark from Pratyusha, who said that they had too many opinions to offer. Meow!

Pratyusha's Beliefs

Kushal started making fun of Pratyusha over her deity, and when Andy joined in with some questions, Pratyusha gave him a piece of her mind and asked him not to comment on her personal beliefs. Sangram Singh tried to intervene and make Andy see sense, but this led to the surprising revelation by Andy that he liked Pratyusha! Sangram was shocked to say the least, but Andy refused to divulge the nature of his feelings, and only said that he liked Pratyusha's cuteness. Watch this space for more.

Andy Apologised To Pratyusha

After a talk with Shilpa and Anita, Andy also apologised to Pratyusha, and clarified that he was genuinely curious about her beliefs, and was not making fun of her. Pratyusha also got his point of view and smoothed things over. Aow

Meal Time

Meal time also added to the tension of the house, as the Hell-mates didn't get enough food between all of them even after asking. Shilpa then came over and explained how they had to ration the supply for the next five days, which calmed down tempers a bit.

Pratyusha Hair Gets Caught

But the task took a very painful turn when Pratyusha's hair got caught in the giant wheel, making her scream in pain. The other hell-mates did manage to untangle Pratyusha, and Kamya warned all the other girls to keep their hair tied. Ouch!

Kushal Carrying Pratyusha To Her Bed

Finally, the day ended with Kushal carrying an inconsolable Pratyusha to her mattress, while she cried about her head and hand paining terribly. While some Hell mates calmed her down, the others plodded on, turning the wheel into the night. Let's see how long this patience lasts.

Armaan At Work

Armaan Kohli at work. The Hell mates take turn in working the wheel day and night to get water and cooking gas.

Armaan Kohli Looses Cool

Armaan Kohli, the usually cool and composed guy was seen a little worked up in the Bigg Boss house.

Hell-Mates Bond

It is clearly visible that Hell-mates, work or no work, are bonding with each other more than the Heaven-mates.

Armaan Pushed A Little Too Much

When the hell-mates started helping each other in turning the wheel, the warden stopped the gas supply, causing the heaven-mates to panic. When they in turn asked the hell mates to do a better job, Armaan flared up and started abusing them, and thundered at them to do the task themselves!

Tanisha Sympathetic

The argument continued inside with Armaan declaring that the task was inhuman and that the hellmates wouldn't continue. On the heaven side, Gauahar and Tanisha had a heated discussion, with Tanishaa wanting to be more sympathetic while Gauahar insisted on being practical. This discussion invited a catty remark from Pratyusha, who said that they had too many opinions to offer. Meow!

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