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Bigg Boss 7: Day 9 Is Going To See Hell-Mates Work A Clock While...

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Bigg Boss 7: Day 9 the Hell-mates are going to have an interesting task of watching the clock and working it every minute while the Heaven-mates constantly persist on distracting them.

The latest task Bigg Boss has come up with is to keep the in-mates on their toes and make them watch the clock 24/7. They will have to move the hands of the big clock every minute to complete the task. Sounds simple but it isn't.

They have to continue their task while the Heaven-mates try and distract them constantly. The hell-mates will have two of their contestants on the task on rotation and the Heaven-mates too.

During the task however, the Hell-mates seem to find it comfortable to keep up with doing what is asked by them but the trouble seems to be in the Heaven. Armaan will be seen calling Rajat, an idiot. This would hurt the already depressed Rajat a little too much. Armaan even accuses of Rajat not contributing to the group's performance and is instead interrupting them.

The reason behind this is that Rajat who is sitting out the task claiming to have a head ache, will ask Armaan to keep the voice down. This would irk Armaan a little too much and he calls him an idiot rather rudely.

As usual, Rajat gets to water works and all the ladies come to his rescue. Armaan is seen as the bad guy. Let's wait for tonight's episode to get full information regarding the 'Time-Machine' task.

Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh in order to keep the Hell-mates would make loud noise using an empty vessel.

Kushal And Pratyusha

Kushal Tandon and Pratyusha Banerjee working on the clock to keep it updates every minute.

Kamya Panjabi And Gauhar Khan

Kamya Panjabi and Gauhar Khan doing their turn working on the clock.

Shilpa And Tanisha

Shilpa and Tanisha making noise to distract their opponents so they fail at their task.


Gauhar Khan retaliating against the Heaven-mates who would be pretty loud.

Rain Would Not Stop Them

Pouring rain too would not stop them from continuing their task. Kamya and Pratyusha at work.

Gauhar And Andy

Gauhar who is pretty close to Andy stopping him from distracting them.

Armaan Snaps At Rajat

Armaan would snap at Rajat who would ask him to keep his voice low. he would even call Rajat an idiot during this.

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