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Bigg Boss 7: Elli Becomes Santa For Gauhar, Sangram; Tanisha Gets Gifts From Armaan!

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Bigg Boss 7 on the Christmas day saw Elli Avram coming inside the house as a santa who got gifts for Gauhar, Sangram, Ajaz and Tanisha. Armaan Kohli sent Tanisha some goodies and her favorite cake.

The morning of the 102nd day of Bigg Boss had children singing jingle bells and waking up all the house mates. The garden area of the house was beautifully decorated and gave all the inmates the real feeling of snow and Christmas around.

As Christmas has a lot to do with the good and bad, even the house mates were asked to write two good and two bad things about each other. Ajaz, Gauhar, Tanisha gave honest opinions but the one caught in the trap was Sangram. Ajaz and Gauhar taunted Sangram saying that he was lying about whatever he said and he has never done anything right.

Sangram was supported by Tanisha who told him not to react to all this as his reactions will only give them more doubts and will also give them opportunities.

No Christmas can be complete without a Santa coming in and giving gifts to people. The same happened in the house and the Santa was no one else but the favorite of many Elli Avram. She was given a very warm welcome by all the house mates.

The first gift was for Ajaz Khan who was told to sing a song before he gets it. He got nihaari thats his favorite dish sent by his mother. Next was Tanisha who got beautiful flowers sent by Armaan and some goodies sent by her family. Sangram received a memento from his lady love Payal. Last but not the least Gauhar Khan received a photo frame from her mother.

For Tanisha Mukherjee the celebration was still not over and a surprise awaited her in the store room. It was her favorite cake that was sent by Armaan as a Christmas gift. Ajaz was then seen teasing Gauhar that she is missing Kushal Tandon.

Elli spoke to all the house mates and shared there feelings. She even requested her fans to vote for Sangram.

Elli Avram

Elli came as a Santa in the house and gave gifts to all the house mates.

Ajaz Sangram

The morning saw Ajaz having an arguement with Sangram about the number of lies the latter says in the house.

Ajaz Gauhar

Gauhar and Ajaz were caught bitching about Sangram and calling him the most fake contestant.

Elli In Bigg Boss 7

Elli gave gifts to all inmates. Gauhar got a photo frame, Sangram a memento and Ajaz his favorite dish.

Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha was the luckiest this Christmas as she got flowers, goodies and her favorite cake which were sent by her good friend Armaan Kohli.

Elli Sangram

Elli bids farewell to the house and requests her fans to vote for Sangram.

Elli Back In The House

Elli was given a warm welcome by all the house mates especially Sangram.

Tanisha's Christmas Bonanza

Tanisha got beautiful flowers that were sent to her by none other than Armaan Kohli.

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