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Emotional Roller-Coaster Ride On Bigg Boss 7; Star Kids Armaan-Tanisha Suffering!

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Bigg Boss 7's Remote Control task became one of the most emotional episode this season. Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukherjee, Kushal Tandon and Sofia Hayat's family gave a pass to support them by coming on the show. Whereas, VJ Andy's mom, Kamya's mom, Sangram's girlfriend and Gauhar's sister gave them a visit by being on the show.

The day started off as a normal day but end being one of the most emotional days this season. It all started when Bigg boss announced a task for the housemates called ‘the remote control' task. The housemates can earn additional bonus points by performing well in this task. The task is divided into various steps- pause, play, fast forward and rewind.

When Bigg boss orders the housemate to pause, they will have to freeze in the position they are currently in. Play mode will stand for normal movements while in fast forward, the housemates will have to accelerate their movements. Lastly, in the rewind mode, they will be required to repeat their movements. Following the orders of Bigg Boss, they have to attain different modes and continue doing it till the next order.

Once the task is launched, the housemates break into different modes instantly following the orders of Bigg Boss. While they are performing the task and are in a pause mode, Andy's mother enters from the confession room while Andy is taken aback with surprise.

Andy couldn't hold back his tears while his mother gives him a tight hug. Even Armaan and Ajaz burst into tears as Andy's mother kisses them on their forehead. Further, Bigg Boss orders Andy to get into the play mode when he runs and hugs his mother. Later Armaan requests Bigg Boss to order play mode as he wants to touch Andy's mother's feet and seek blessing. On doing so, Armaan including other housemates run towards her and embraces her.

Later in the day, all the housemates are asked to be in the pause mode when Sangram's girlfriend Payal enters the house. She hugs Sangram and starts crying. She leaves a message for Gauahar that Sangram has always been fair and is a clean hearted person and she is quite hurt by Gauahar's remarks that she has made in the show. She thanks Andy for taking care of Sangram all this while.

While the housemates are still trying to cope up with the outflow of emotions, the loud mouth Dolly Bindra enters the house when Bigg Boss orders them to attain the fast forward mode. She leaves a message for saying that his movie shoot has been postponed when Ajaz breathes a sigh of relief. She further wishes everybody good luck and leaves the house.

Late in the evening, Gauahar's sister Nigaar enters the house. Looking at Nigaar entering the house, Gauahar breaks down as she feels helpless. But as Bigg Boss orders play, the sisters share a tearful moment..

Soon after Gauhar's sister left, Bigg Boss announced that the task ends here, this is when few of the contestants who were also expecting their family members would give them a visit expressed their hurt and disappointment.

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This included the star kids Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli. Kushal Tandon and Sofia Hayat too had no one from their family. It was particularly disheartening to see Tanisha's disappointment when her mother, actress Tanuja, would not be giving her a visit. She had even expressed her wish early this day and had said that she wished her mom would come and take her away from Bigg Boss house.

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