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Bigg Boss 7's Kushal Tandon Evicted Early Wednesday; Kushal's Father Forgot To Buy Votes?

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Bigg Boss 7's yet another shocker has Kushal Tandon getting eliminated in a mid week eviction. First it was Kamya getting eliminated, then came Armaan Kohli getting arrested and now Kushal Tandon gets evicted all of a sudden, separating the lovebirds, Gauhar and Kushal! Was Kushal's father late in getting votes this time?

Bigg Boss season 7 has been a bundle of surprises from the beginning and with finale week just at the corner, the show is on a shocking spree. Early Wednesday morning, Bigg Boss apparently called Gauhar and Kushal into the confession room and announced that among the two of them, Kushal has received lesser votes and so he is evicted from the show immediately.

The live feed of the show has shown Gauhar Khan cooking alone in the kitchen without her chopping partner Kushal Tandon. Gauhar Khan, after Kushal Tandon left, has been keeping to herself, but her anger has been apparent with her usage of utensils in kitchen.

Monday nominations had Gauhar, Kushal, Ajaz and Tanisha getting maximum votes, but with captain Sangram's precious vote Tanisha got herself catapulted to finale week. Among Gauhar, Kushal and Ajaz, the votes were counted until Wednesday.

Kushal himself had told Gauhar Khan last week that his father, Billu Tandon, had been getting him around 2 to 3 lakh votes for him. Kushal himself had revealed that his father has hired a telephonic service in Lucknow for sending out voice message to the people urging them to vote and make Kushal win the show.

Well, looks like Kushal Tandon's father was not fast enough in getting votes for his son this time or did Bigg Boss did this on purpose predicting that his father might go overboard to get his son to finale week? Only time can tell.

Bigg Boss Shocked Gauhar And Kushal

Bigg Boss shocked Gauhar and Kushal early Wednesday morning by announcing that Kushal Tandon has got eliminated.

Lovebirds Separated

Lovebirds Gauhar and Kushal have got separated at last in Bigg Boss 7 house.

Gauhar Left With Kushal

Previously, when Kushal left the house, Gauhar Khan left the house with him.

Kushal Tandon Goes Alone This Time

The last time Kushal left the house, he was accompanied with Gauhar Khan. But this time, he left the house alone.

No Romance This Time?

The last time Kushal exited the house, there was romance and love over flowing, but this time, it is bye- bye, see you outside?

Gauhar-Kushal Love

Gauhar and Kushal have become the current favourite lovebirds of India.

Met On Bigg Boss

One might think fairy tales never happen in today's times, but Bigg Boss makes it happen.

Kushal's Father

Kushal himself had told on camera that his father gets people vote for him. Was his father a little too late this time? Guess so!

End Of Gauhar-Kushal On-Screen

This will be the end of Gauhar and Kushal on Bigg Boss show.

Gauhar Kushal Outside

Will Gauhar-Kushal continue outside Bigg Boss? Let's wait and watch.

Meant To Happen

Gauhar and Kushal confessed their love on show a couple of weeks back. Well, if it was meant to happen, it will happen.

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