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Bigg Boss 7: Mouth To Mouth Transfer Of Luxury; Armaan-Tanisha Discuss Marriage!

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Bigg Boss 7 House on its 96th day saw a lot of happenings. The luxury budget food items were transferred mouth to mouth by inmates, Armaan Kohli and Tanisha were caught discussing marriage plans, whereas Sangram and Andy become friends once again.

The morning saw a rift between Armaan and Tanisha because Armaan did not like Tanisha talking to Ajaz in the kitchen. He told her that she was giving Ajaz some expressions which were not required and could have given wrong signals to him. Tanisha, to much surprise, was happy with the possessiveness growing in Armaan about their relationship.

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Sangram Singh and Ajaz Khan get into an argument, where Sangram tells him that it is because of him he is safe today. VJ Andy, who was already upset and not talking to Sangram heard all this and landed up into a much serious fight with his friend. Later in the evening, Tanisha made Andy realise that whatever it may be, they have been friends and should clear out all the misunderstanding.

Sangram takes the opportunity to talk to Andy and makes him realise that at times he was wrong, but he has not done anything against Andy. The conversation got quite emotional and Sangram bursts into tears and they both hug each other and clear all the issues.

The luxury budget items are announced by Bigg Boss and he tells the inmates that they need to pass the food items only through their mouth. Ajaz stood near the table who took the items and transferred it to Tanisha's mouth, she much happily passed it to Armaan, then to Gauhar, Gauhar to Sangram and he to Andy. They all managed to get a decent ration for the ending week.

What caught the attention was Armaan and Tanisha were sitting in the lawn, when Armaan asks Tanisha about her diamond ring. The conversation of the diamond ring got so personal that later Tanisha said warning Armaan that in their marriage she would like a heavier ring.

The day in Bigg Boss 7 House brought inmates closer in the luxury budget task and cleared the distances that were growing in between friends.

VJ Andy

Andy got into an argument with Sangram again.

Advice To Sangram

Sangram was advised by Armaan and Tanisha to clear all his misunderstandings with Andy.

Sangram Singh

After a lot of discussion, Sangram broke down in front of Andy, which made both of them cry.

Luxury Budget

The housemates were told about the luxury budget by Bigg Boss.

Luxury Task

Ajaz was told to transfer all the items from his mouth to Tanisha's and so on.

Last Luxury

They managed to get a good amount of ration for the ending week.


Andy and Ajaz got into a fight because Ajaz called Andy, Tinu Anand for his wide teeth.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar was seen much better than the previous day and even spoke to all the inmates.


Much to everyone's surprise Armaan and Tanisha were caught discussing their marriage plans in the garden area.


Sangram was happy to finally clear all his misunderstandings with his best friend Andy.

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