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Photos-Bigg Boss 7: Latest Nominations; Kushal Bullies Vivek; Angry Armaan In Box!

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Bigg Boss 7's latest nominations has put Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukherjee, Pratyusha Banerjee, Asif Azim, Vivek Mishra in danger zone. The latest episode had Kushal bullying Vivek and making him cry. Also, the upcoming task for the inmates is for a few contestants to stay in a box while other contestants try everything they can to bring them out of the box.

Monday is back with inmates' nominations. This week Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukjerjee, Pratyusha Banerjee, Asif Azim and Vivek Mishra falling into the danger zone. We will see these inmates trying extra hard to get the viewers impressed so they get them vote to keep them in the house.

Along with this the special guest, Heaven is in the house getting all the love it can get from all the contestants. One of the best scenes was when Tanisha asked Heaven to wait while she was in the washroom, Heaven obediently sat waiting outside like a gentleman.

We got to see an interesting side of Kushal, as a bully. Vivek was the victim for his bullying. It all started when Vivek had some issue in a household task and he brought it up to everyone in general. Kushal took this up to have some fun. He did, but at the expense of Vivek's feelings. Some of the others found it rude of Kushal and some found it amusing, but some found it deserving since Vivek was bringing up names of people related to them, like he did with Armaan's alleged girlfriend (whom he supposedly engaged to).

In the midst of all this Bigg Boss has come up with the task to get everyone worked up. Some of the inmates are given a task to stay inside a box while the others do everything they can to bring them out. Armaan, Pratyusha, Kushal are few of them.

Spoiler say that the short tempered Armaan Kohli has a tough time hearing the inmates taunting him to get him out of the box. He even fights with his good friend Kamya pretty badly, and others like Andy and Kushal too after he looses temper and comes out of the box.

Kushal Imitating Vivek

Kushal was seen imitating Vivek, while Gauhar was constantly trying to stop him from it.

Vivek Starts Crying

Vivek starts crying when Kushal would not stop imitating him. Kamya initially tries to console him but later asks him to stop bringing up names of outsiders.

Captain To The Rescue

Captain Apurva was seen trying to bring the situation under control.

Captain Commands Work

Captain Apurva divides household work equally among the contestants.

Kushal And Tanisha

Kushal when was doing some work would get into argument when he sees Tanisha doing her exercise.

Pratyusha Gives Gyan

Pratyusha talks to Armaan Kohli and tries to make him understand that he is isolating himself because of Tanisha and that he should not let Tanisha talk for him.

Armaan In Foul Mood

Armaan Kohli is seen in a foul mood off late, whether it is because of Tanisha or any other issue, no one knows. He is even seen yelling at Tanisha too at times.

Apurva Happy

Apurva who is away from him is wife is seen very taken with the latest entry into the house, Heaven.

Andy And Apurva

Andy and Apurva give Heaven a bath.

Sangraam With Heaven

Sangraam is seen playing with Heaven in the garden area.

Andy Talks To Gauhar

Andy talks to Gauhar and tries to make her understand that she should be careful with how she is being portrayed with Kushal.

Tanisha And Armaan

The affair between Armaan and Tanisha seems to be a little off balance off late. The duo seem to have finished the honeymoon period already.

Asif Hates To Work

Amongst all the inmates, Asif seems to be the person who resists the most to do any kind of work.


The latest nominations has Armaan, Pratyusha, Tanisha and Asif in the danger zone.


Heaven has had good time so far, let's see how things go from here.

Kamya Having Fun

It all started with Kamya having some fun with Armaan who was in the box.

Armaan Over-Reacts

Armaan when he was in the box would start over reacting. The issues grows to become an ugly fight.

Armaan Gets Very Angry

Armaan who was in the box for a very long time looses his cool with Kamya.

Armaan Would Not Back Off

Armaan comes out of the box to fight with kamya.

Kamya Cornered

Armaan would corner Kamya and would continue to yell at her.

More Fight

Kamya has a strong voice too in the house. Armaan has never won an argument in the house, we will have to see how Kamya stands ground.

Kushal Consoles Kamya

Kushal consoles Kamya who starts crying after her fight with Armaan.

Kamya With The Captain

Apurva, the captain of the house tries to console Kamya.

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