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Bigg Boss 7: Pratyusha Banerjee Gets Eliminated Today!

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Seems like the wish of many Bigg Boss fans have been fulfilled! Yes, it is reported that finally Pratyusha Banerjee will be eliminated today.

This week's elimination nominations had the names of Tanisha Mukherjee, Pratyusha Banerjee, Gauhar Khan, Ajaz Khan and Kamya Punjabi. Pratyusha has almost always been nominated for the eviction and every time she escaped. But this time seems like her fate wasn't with her as Salman will announce her name to end her journey in the Bigg Boss house.

Previously, we saw the nominations to elect this week's captain. Bigg Boss had asked Ajaz and Sofia to nominate two names, who gave Andy and Pratyusha's names. Sofia, initially nominated Andy and Pratyusha. But in the last moment, took back Andy's name and Pratyusha became the captain. Now Pratyusha would be disappointed to know that before she took "completely" over the captainship of the house, she would be asked to pack her bags and leave the house.

It was even said that Pratyusha's ex-boyfriend, businessman Makrand Malhotra would enter the house to add the spice. But nothing as such happened!

Many in the house also outside (audience) felt that she acts like a kid. Even, Gauhar Khan had called Pratyusha a kid and said that she should act little mature. Recently, Ajaz had called Pratyusha a kid and she started weeping. She said she is not 22-year-old kid. Even Kamya had supported her, asking others not to call her a kid and to note her achievement at this age. She had even said that Pratyusha can fight with older contestants (Sangram and Andy).

Click on the slides to checkout how her stay was in Bigg Boss house.

Pratyusha's Entry To Bigg Boss 7

Pratyusha's entry to Bigg Boss 7 house was not a shock as many had already guessed her entry to the show!

Pratyusha Nomination

Pratyusha, sometimes at home, was a cry baby. Many Bigg Boss fans wished her to get eliminated.

Bigg Boss Nominations

Pratyusha has almost always been nominated for the eviction, and every time she escaped. But this time her fate wasn't with her as Salman will announce her name to end her journey in the Bigg Boss house.


Pratyusha was recently nominated as Bigg Boss house caption of the week. Elli and Pratyusha looked happy receiving an award for Most Nikamma Sadasy.

Ajaz Calls Pratyusha A Kid

Ajaz Khan calls Pratyusha a kid, which upsets her. She defends saying she is not 22-year-old kid.


Andy consoles Pratyusha. She says Salman can call her a kid, but no other person has rights to call her the same.


Kamya supports Pratyusha. She says Pratyusha has come a long way. She can defend older contestants, and requests others to not to treat her as a kid.

Pratyusha With Ex-BF

It was said that Pratyusha's ex-boyfriend Makrand Malhotra may enter BB 7, which didn't happen.

Pratyusha's Drama

During her stay in the task of turning wheel, Pratyusha's hair got caught in the giant wheel, making her scream in pain. The other Hell-Mates did manage to untangle Pratyusha, and Kamya warned all the other girls to keep their hair tied.

First Fight: Pratyusha And Ratan

The first fight in the Bigg Boss house emerged, with Ratan-Pratyusha's catfight. Ratan and Pratyusha got into a fight when they both were discussing about their past relationships. Ratan happened to taunt Pratyusha about her relationship with her boyfriend as it did not last for more than two years.


Gauhar passed remarks on Pratyusha's habits and mannerisms saying that she had expected her to behave like a matured individual. Pratyusha asked Gauhar not to interfere. Though Gauhar was surprised, she immediately apologised.

Hazel Keech On Pratyusha Banerjee

Hazel after getting evicted, commented on Pratyusha saying she likes to create trouble and she is negative character. But she has a big fan followers.

Pratyusha With Inmates

Andy, Kamya, Pratyusha and Apurva were the ones who started talking about the nominations. They decided to eliminate Daal, Tanisha and Chicken, Armaan. Kamya, Gauhar, Pratyusha, Kushal were equally involved in this process, but Andy became the scapegoat as usual.

Pratyusha Consoling Elli

Armaan teases Elli and she in turn says that she will slap him if he doesn't put an end to this right away. Upset with Elli's statements, Armaan vents out his anger and Elli bursts out crying. Pratyusha is seen trying to console Elli.


Pratyusha talks to Armaan Kohli and tries to make him understand that he is isolating himself because of Tanisha and that he should not let Tanisha talk for him.


Andy calls her 'thali ka baingan'. Pratyusha yells back at Andy, the sweet girl was a no match for Andy's anger

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