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Bigg Boss 7: Rajat Rawail Gets Eliminated

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It's time for second elimination in Bigg Boss 7. The elimination was held on Saturday, 28th September 2013. Rajat Rawail is sent out of house in the second elimination.

Previously, Bigg Boss has asked all the Jannat wasis to nominate Jahannum wasis for the elimination. The twist in this second eviction was, Tanisha, the caption of the Bigg Boss house, got special power to nominate.

Nominations for elimination for second time in Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 7 are: Pratyusha Banerjee, Kamya Punjabi, Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon and Rajat Rawail. According to reports Rajat Rawail has got eliminated as he got least number of votes.

Now, let us have a look why Rajat was sent out or got less number of votes. The reason for Rajat getting eliminated was his fake behaviour in the Bigg Boss house and his illness.

Reasons for others not being eliminated are here: Pratyusha has got good fan following. Kamya and Gauhar have already started entertaining audience by their nautankis (dramas). Kushal was seen close to Gauhar and seems like something is cooking between them!

Last week saw first elimination in the house. Hazel Keech was out of house. People voted her out as they felt she was boring.

Click on the slides to know Rajat's nautaki (drama) during his stay in the house - a flash back!

Good Friend Of Salman

Rajat Rawail is good friend of Salman Khan. He was seen with Salman in Bodyguard. It is even said that it was because of Salman's recommendation Rajat entered the Bigg Boss house.

Rajat Couldn't Keep Up His Claim!

Rajat made big claims that he would join gym and lose weight before entering Bigg Boss House. Now with his elimination, can we say that he couldn't keep up his words!

Rajat Cry Baby

Rajat became cry baby within few days of his stay in Bigg Boss house. He started weeping for one or the other reason.

Sick Rajat

The happy looking chap was not that happy in the house. Rajat was ill and even doctor was sent to examine him.

Tanisha Helping Rajat

Rajat wouldn't stop crying and complained of unbearable pain. Tanisha even requested Bigg Boss to send a doctor, who later examined Rajat.


Rajat was seen weeping and pleading to get out of the show. Bigg Boss assured him then that his family is doing well and asked him to take care of his health.

Araman And Anita

Araman told Rajat not to behave this way (crying) any further and to be patient.

House Mates Sad!

Arman felt because of Rajat everyone at house were sad and negative.

Rajat Sleeping

After all those episodes of crying, Rajat was seen sleeping peacefully. Seemed like Rajat missed his house and family badly!

Rajat Happy Now!

Now that he is out of Bigg Boss, he would be happy to be back with his family!

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