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Bigg Boss 7: Rajat Sharma Corners Sangram, Tanisha And Armaan In Adaalat!

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A lot of questions were raised among the audiences related to Bigg Boss 7, to clear all of them Rajat Sharma came inside the Bigg Boss House and cornered the inmates. Armaan, Tanisha and Sangram were the one who got the maximum questions fired on them.

After the shock of the sudden elimination of Kushal Tandon all the house mates were into deep thinking and Gauhar was in deep regret. She was supported by Andy and Tanisha during her distraught state. In the evening all the house mates were called in the activity area and were introduced to the very famous journalist and editor in chief of India TV Rajat Sharma.

Rajat Sharma was there to ask questions to the inmates and these questions were the ones that had been running in the minds of all the audiences. First to be presented in the court was Vj Andy who was questioned on his sudden behavior change from funny to serious.

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Sangram Singh was called next and was bombarded with questions related to him and his loyalty approach. Rajat showed him the videos where Sangram did not take a stand for anyone and was even caught gossiping about his friend Andy.

The man who loves to stay in the news Armaan Kohli was the next in the witness box. Rajat questioned him about his anger and him treating his only friend even Tanisha angrily at times. He mocks at Armaan and tells him that he should not be doing so many mistakes so that every time he has to land up saying sorry to someone. He even questioned him regarding his and Tanisha's relationship status which Armaan preferred to be quiet on.

Tanisha Mukherjee then was asked about her lost of identity in the house because of Armaan and he advised her that she belongs to a very well known family and should stand up for her own self and be Independent.

Rajat Sharma appeared quiet easy while questioning Gauhar Khan and asked her the reason behind she being so aggressive, loud and a teacher like personality for all house mates including Kushal Tandon.

The last to face Aap Ki Adaalat was Ajaz Khan. Rajat Sharma asked him about his weird behavior when he sees any girl around him. He was also asked question about his feelings for Gauhar and what will be the end to this story.

Bigg Boss 7 with Rajat Sharma in the house did clear and clarify a lot of questions of the audiences, but the opening up of a lot of secrets and hidden faces of the inmates will surely create differences in the house.

Vj Andy

Andy was questioned regarding his behavioral change and the reason for his friends not standing by him.

Sangram Singh

Sangram was questioned over his loyalties and his reason of not standing for anyone not even Andy.

Armaan Kohli

Armaan was asked about his anger and his wrong way of treating even his best friend in the house Tanisha.

Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha was asked about her lost of identity and losing her independent attitude because of Armaan.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar was asked about she being bossy and her teacher like behavior with all the housemates.

Ajaz Khan

Rajat Sharma asked Ajaz about his current feelings for Gauhar.

Sangram's Darkside

Now that Sangram's dark side is out, this will just act as a fuel in Sangram and Andy's friendship.

Rajat Sharma

After the Aap Ka Adaalat Episode with Rajat Sharma there would be a lot of differences that would be seen popping up in the Bigg Boss house.

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