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Bigg Boss 7: Ratan Rajput Made To Bathe In Dung!

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Bigg Boss 7 contestant Ratan Rajput is made to bath in a tub filled with cow dung. Seems like desperate times calling for desperate measures, for the show or for Ratan?

The latest task in the Bigg Boss house is that the Heaven-mates are made the Scientists and Hell-mates the guinea pigs. The task says that the Hell-mates are infected by a deadly virus and that the Heaven-mates will be the doctors who will be treating them. Heaven-mates have to treat them without touching the infected and if they did it will infect the pure ones too.

While this is happening, Andy and Gauhar are in a conversation and Andy manages to trick her to get infected by him. Though Andy does this for fun, Gauhar, however, deals with the situation a little rudely. She would get angry and says that she did not expect this from him and such. Andy, as usual, is baffled and does not know why she reacted in such a way.

Whilst, this task is in progress, Ratan Rajput is asked to sleep in a tub filled with cow dung. Though the reason for this is yet to be revealed, it feels like the Swayamvar fame actress, who had gone into the background has risen up to glory covered in dung!

Infected And The Doctors

The Hell-mates and Heaven-mates were made the infected and the doctors.

Ratan Rajput Slept In Tub Of Dung

Ratan Rajput was treated by making her sleep in a tub full of cow dung.

Andy Tricks Gauhar

Andy tricks Gauhar Khan and touches her infecting her.

Gauhar Over-Reacts

When a Hell-mate touches a Heaven-mate the later would get infected. When Andy tricks Gauhar and touches she reacted rather harshly.

Asif Teaching Tanisha

Asif Azim was seen teaching Tanisha some Bengali.

Tanisha Getting Close To Asif

Tanisha and Asif seemed to have bond pretty well. Tanisha received some Bengali lessons from the supermodel.

Group Moment

The Heaven-mates, Armaan, Asif Azim, Tanisha Mukherjee, Anita Advani and Shilpa Agnihotri were in a relaxed mood

Armaan Treating Andy

Armaan was giving Andy some treatment for his illness.

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