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Bigg Boss 7: Andy-Sangram Turn Foes, Kushal-Ajaz Fight Over Gauhar Again!

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Bigg Boss 7 house yesterday saw yet another friendship being broken. Captain Sangram Singh and VJ Andy got into an argument which increased to a level that they considered each other not friends any more. Kushal and Ajaz fought with each other over Gauhar again.

In the 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara' task Bigg Boss had given a special power to Sangram, according to which he could empty anyone's bottle who he is thinking is going against the rule even without asking Bigg Boss for it. In the kitchen, Andy and everyone were present when Sangram came outside the confession room.

Sangram told Tanisha and Andy that he wants to play a fair game so he has decided that he will empty bottles of not only the person who has broken a rule, but also of the person of whom he/she is wearing the tag. Andy did not like the whole idea of Sangram and told him that he is not the Bigg Boss of the house so he need not enforce any such rules.

Andy raises his voice against Sangram and is supported by Kushal and Gauhar Khan who think that Sangram is being unfair as he doesn't even allow them to speak two words in English. Before the task, Kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan again fought over Gauhar, as Ajaz told Kushal that he is not doing the right thing with Gauhar.

Armaan Kohli enters back in the house and is welcomed by all. Bigg Boss announces that Ajaz, Andy and Gauhar are left with one bottle each. Gauhar eliminates Andy from the competition by talking in English. To take a revenge over it, Armaan goes inside the smoking room where Kushal was already present.

Sangram sees the scene and opens the last bottle of Gauhar as it was Kushal who was wearing the tag of Gauhar's name. Ajaz is announced as the winner and he gets safe from the next week eliminations.

Andy is upset with what just happened and he tells Sangram that he was unfair in his decision and tells him to stop talking to him. Sangram warns Andy not to talk in such a tone as they are friends, but Andy doesn't listen and as a punishment for Sangram being unfair, he decides to ignore Sangram.

Captain Sangram

Sangram given special power by Bigg Boss.


Andy told Sangram not to make his own rules as he is not the Bigg Boss.

Sangram Singh

Sangram tells that he will be fair and will open bottles for both, one who is wearing the tag and one whose name is there on the tag.

Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha could not perform the balancing task.


Kushal and Ajaz argued over Gauhar again and Ajaz told him that he is not taking care of Gauhar.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar, after being forced by Kushal, told Ajaz to shut up and leave them alone.

Armaan Kohli Back

Armaan entered the Bigg Boss house again after being granted bail.


Gauhar spoke purposely in English so that Andy could be out of the task.


After seeing Armaan entering smoke room where Kushal was present, Sangram opened the last bottle of Gauhar.

Ajaz Winner

Ajaz was declared the winner after Sangram opening last bottle of Gauhar.

Andy Angry

Andy got upset with Sangram and told him that he was unfair.


Sangram tried his best to make Andy understand that he was being fair.

Friends Turn Foes

In the Bigg Boss 7 house, Andy and Sangram's friendship was the strongest.

Andy, Sangram No More Friends

Sangram told Andy not to be harsh. Andy decided that he will ignore Sangram as what he did was unfair.

Sangram Singh VJ Andy

Wonder if they will be the same best friends like they were before.

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