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Bigg Boss 7: Sangram Loses Diplomatic Image Under Pressure; Arman-Tanisha Have Issues!

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Bigg Boss 7's good-hearted-caring-guy Sangram looses his diplomatic image. He has a bad fight with Armaan when he is called a liar and accuses him of plotting previously for nominations.

Sangram has come across as a clean-hearted and caring guy ever since he first entered the Bigg Boss house. But the recent incidents have not been in his favor and has been caught in a storm of allegations. Sangram has been caught red-handed many a times for changing his statements in order to continue to be in the good books of everybody.

After Bigg Boss introduced the Rajneeti task, Sangram and Kamya were asked to be leaders and form their own political parties. They were also asked to deliver an opening speech basis which the housemates were asked to decide whether they wanted to support Sangram or Kamya.

However, during the task contestants had the liberty to change their party if they were not satisfied with their leader. Armaan who was initially supporting Sangram's party decided to switch to the other party when he realized that he had been diplomatic while never taking a stand for anything. When Sangram tried to convince him to come back, Armaan told him that he is a big liar and a two-faced person who has never taken a stand for any of his friends.

During the course of their conversation, Armaan also brought up the topic of nominations where he claimed that Sangram had tried to plot with him to vote against a few contestants. But Sangram denied this allegation and instead put all the blame on Armaan leading to a heated argument.

Kamya and Gauahar tried to control the situation but the two hot-heads did not pay heed to them and continued fighting with each other. With the game of Bigg Boss getting intense with every passing day, the contestants are now  no longer willing to mince words and stay diplomatic. Where will this lead?

Also, Arman and Tanisha see to have crossed their honeymoon period and now when are facing real issues are finding it hard to stay together? Read more in slides...

Big Gight

Bigg Boss house is going to have a big fight with the bigg boys in the house Sangraam and Armaan.

Sangraam Loses Cool

Sangraam loses his cool when he is attacked directly.

Sangraam Singh

Sangraam Singh who has had a very diplomatic image until now is going to be seen in a new avatar.

Sangram Hurt

Arman nominating Sangram seems to have hurt him a lot. He was seen crying while talking to Tanisha.

Starting Point

It all started when Arman nominated Sangram's name to enter directly into eliminations. Sangram was seen expressing his hurt to Tanisha over this.


Arman again has the last word. He says there is not need for this topic to be talked about and leaves. Tanisha is again left hanging with her words.

Arman And Tanisha

Arman and Tanisha usually have conversations where only Arman gets to make statements and Tanisha is not given a chance to even explain herself.

Arman The Husband

Arman and Tanisha's behaviour in the house is very much like any husband and wife.

The issue continues in the living area where he asked Tanisha to not have a long face about this.

Calm Wife

Tanisha is always the calm wife who is trying her best to keep the situation under control.

Armaan Accuse Sangraam

Armaan would accuse Sangram to be a liar and says that he has plotted with him for nominations.

Too Much?

Seems like Tanisha has had enough with Arman and his temper issues.

Same Always

It is always the same process of Armaan loosing his temper and yelling at Tanisha. Later coming back to apologise.

Tanisha Has Voice

Tanisha who has always seen trying to calm Armaan is seen on the other side this time.

Take A Stand

Tanisha usually takes Armaan's side no matter what. But this time she seems to differ.


Armaan and Tanisha's honeymoon period seems to be coming to an end.

Will Armaan Yell At Tanisha?

Will Armaan yell at Tanisha like he has done with other contestants? We have seen him yelling at her but in a milder version though.

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