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Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha And Sangram Declared Best Performers; Win Spa Treatment!

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Bigg Boss 7's Commando task ends with Tanisha and Snagram being declared the best performers. Every commando had to prove themselves to the others that their performance was the best and win votes. Who ever wins the most votes would be the winners. Sangram and Tanisha managed to get the highest votes and this enabled them to win an evening of exclusive spa treatment.

The commando task which had all the inmates turning into commandos at work and protecting their territory, Mount Bigg Boss. Some performed their best and some gave up fast. But at the end of the task everyone felt they had performed satisfactorily and went to bed happy.

The next morning however brought some news that shattered the peace that has just entered the house. Bigg Boss announced that the inmates' good performance has won them 3000 points but also took back 2000 points for the bad performance of a few inmates.

Though many started the blame game right away, Bigg Boss announced that 2 of the best performers will get rewarded. Also, the 2 best performers will be selected by the inmates themselves via voting.

The voting process will make up today's episode and watch how Tanisha and Sangram manage to win amongst all the others and succeed in winning the spa treatment.


Andy expressed his opinion about Kamya equality responsible for the loss in this task.

Kamya Upset

Kamya was upset that she was blamed for the loss.

Kamya's Gang

Kamya's gang met up in the bathroom area and felt that Kamya was deserving to be called best performer.

Kamya And Ajaz

Ajaz too agreed that Kamya contributed a lot.

Ajaz The Worst Performer

Ajaz and Pratyusha were declared the worst performers.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan too felt she was also the Best performer.


All the commandos who showed such unity were again seen distanced.

Andy's Performance

Andy was sure one of the light beauties, but he did do his bit.


Kamya felt strongly that she had performed best amongst many.


Sofia too was seen as a strong commando. She stood equal to the men and protected the territory.


Armaan did good the first day but was ill the next day.

Armaan Gave Up Fast

When Kamya pushed him a little too much, Armaan gave up instead of fighting.


Ajaz was sure the black sheep. He tried very way to escape work.


Gauhar too did her work honestly.


Sangram, however, was declared best without fight. But Tanisha had to play some mind games to win.

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