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Bigg Boss 7: What Andy Did To Make Kushal Attack Him; Why Kushal-Gauhar Got Eliminated?

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Bigg Boss 7 had easily the most eventfully entertaining day so far yesterday night. We got to see who most probably is the voice of Bigg Boss, a bald middle-aged guy with mush. Andy trying his best to get noticed by inmates in the house. Andy loses all friends because of the task. Gauhar gets hurt and Kushal Tandon attacks VJ Andy. Bigg Boss throws Kushal out of the house and Gauhar leaves voluntarily.

The day started with the luxury budget task, which asked Andy to do anything to make inmates notice him, without touching them. This got Andy a little excited and he took this as an excuse to talk his mind out in an attempt to make any one react. Andy tried irritating Pratyusha and Kamya, by interfering in their talk. He tried to make Kushal and Gauhar worked up too. He scared them, spooked them, made them smell their inner wear and what not!

Read more details about what exactly was said and done during this task in the slider. Once the task ended, Gauhar expressed her displeasure about Andy's behaviour and this is when Kushal lost his composure and attacked Andy physically and continued to threaten to cause physical harm. With Gauhar screaming and fainting, Kushal put a pause on this.

Bigg Boss, however, did not take the issue lightly and evicted Kushal for physically attacking an inmate. Gauhar Khan too decided to pack her bags and leave with Kushal. Kamya and Pratyusha, as usual pretended to pack their bags, probably thinking Bigg Boss will consider them important and ask everyone to stay back instead. But when nothing such happened, they decided to go into background than leave the house. Armaan and Tanisha maintained their stand in the backgrounds.

Kushal when was asked to pack his bags said he will hurt Andy and then leave the house, Armaan Kohli and Sangram stood up for Andy, taking a stand to protect him. Of course, security was brought in to prevent any such event. Let's wait and watch if Kushal does manage to throw in some punches or not in tonight's episode.

Ignore Andy

The task Andy was given was to make inmates react by doing anything, but without touching them.

Andy With Elli

Andy tried to make Elli react by using her pink dress.

Gauhar Khan

Andy tried to imitate and irritate inmates. He tried his best to make Gauhar react to his behaviour.

Pratyusha, Kamya And Kushal

When Pratyusha and Kamya were having a conversation, Andy interfered and passed comments about them partying. Though they tried not to react, the fact that they stopped talking was in fact a reaction.

When Kushal was relaxing, Andy screamed in his ears. Kushal moved as a reflex and walked off later.

Bigg Boss' Voice?

The person had a voice that matched Bigg Boss' perfectly. Could this be the person behind Bigg Boss' voice? We will never know.

Andy With Gauhar

Andy took Gauhar's underwear and persistently kept placing it near her face.

Andy Broke Down

At the end of the task, Andy broke down and was seen crying. He later said it was because of Sangram's words, he was hurt.

Andy And Sangram

Andy, Elli and Sangram were at the pool discussing the day's task. Andy was scolding Sangram for taking Kushal's side during the task and hurting him.

Gauhar's Blackmailing

Gauhar Khan, as usual, tried her emotional blackmailing with Andy. She talked about what a good friend she was to Andy and how he betrayed her trust and so on.

Gauhar And Kushal Talk To Andy

Gauhar started the talk with Andy saying she treated him as a brother and he betrayed her by doing all the things he did during the task. Kushal too joined her.

Kushal Attacked Andy

Kushal then attacked Andy by trying to strangle his neck.

Gauhar Tried To Stop Her

Gauhar tried to hold Kushal back. Sangram and Apurva too were present here.

Kushal And Andy

Kushal and Andy have always been cross because of their differences in attitude.

Kushal Would Not Stop

Kushal even after warning repeatedly tried to attack Andy.


Pratyusha accused Andy for insulting her and talking ill about her during the task.

Kushal Packing Bags

Kushal packing his bags when Bigg Boss asked him to leave the house immediately.

Gauhar Left With Kushal

Gauhar Khan left with Kushal when he was evicted.

Apurva Tried To Stop

Apurva tried to stop Gauhar from leaving, but was not able to.

Gauhar Fainted

Gauhar Khan fainted on her way out and Kushal had to carry her out.

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