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Bigg Boss 7: Jahannum Vaasis Work Hard To Earn Water, Gas And Electricity!

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Salman Khan hosting Colors' Reality show, Bigg Boss 7's contestants are getting a taste of the reality of the show. The people in Hell have to work to get the basic necessities in the house. Not just for them but also for the people in Heaven.

Well, the warden knows which button to press to get the worst from the inmates. The Jannat vaasies, who are responsible to cook for all the inmates, start demanding the Jahannum people to work. They go on to push their luck when they need water for other luxuries as well!

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Whereas, the people in Jahannum are expressing their feeling that they are working a lot for the Jannat people and after all this they have issues to provide food for them. Pratyusha Banerjee and Kamya Punjabi are shown expressing their unhappiness regarding this issue.

Also, when the demands from the Jannat vaasies cross a limit Armaan Kohli, who is so far seen as the funny guy, is seen snapping at them.

Looks like with just two days in the house, the inmates are showing their true colors on Colors reality show Bigg Boss Saath 7.

Pratyusha Expressing Her Issue

Pratyusha Banerjee, who so far has been the one who talks her mind, expressing her issue to VJ Andy.

Andy Pushing It?

Andy seems to not know when and where to put a stop. He seems to be comfortable pushing people around. But Pratyusha is not the kinds to sit back and take it.

Hazel And Kamya At Work

Hazel And Kamya at work to earn the basics. The inmates in Hell have to work continuously for the people for heaven to get the basic amenities.

Kamya With Elli Avram

Kamya and Elli Avram at the task. The inmates took turn one after the other to keep the wheel running.

Kushal, Hazel And Pratyusha

Kushal and Hazel at work while Pratyusha is conversing with them.

Experiencing Hell

The people in Jahannum are literally experiencing Hell in the Bigg Boss house.

Day And Nights

Jahannum vaasis working throughout the night.

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