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Dexter Season 8: Here is the first episode of final season!

By: Girija Narayan
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Dexter mania has finally hit USA and millions of his fans are getting to watch the final season of this hugely popular series to find out how things finally end and what happens to the most loved serial killer of all time.

This has been an unusual serial killer series where the lead character Dexter played by Michael C Hall, is the actual serial killer, yet he only kills the bad guys for good reason. He turns out to be an unusual kind of super hero targeting other serial killers, who kill innocent people.

The series has caught the imagination of people around the world and there is a considerable following for Dexter in India too. Though the current season will only be aired much later in India, most of the die-hard fans somehow manage to get a copy and watch it within a day after the USA TV screening.

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Debra Catches Him Red-Handed

After getting caught red handed by her detective sister Debra in the final episode of season 6, season 7 starts off with Dexter trying to convince her it was a one off incident and happened for self protection. However, due to circumstances, he is later forced to confess his entire serial killings and also reveal himself has bay harbour butcher. He is kept under strict surveillance by Debra. Things take a interesting turn when Lieutenant Maria LeGuerta finds a blood slide at the crime scene of Travis Marshall. She keeps the finding under wraps and leads a private investigation to prove that her former boyfriend and detective James Doakes was not the actual Bay Harbour Butcher as thought earlier. Meanwhile several villains crop up and are eventually killed by Dexter except for one, Hannah MeKay.

Dexter, The Bay Harbour Butcher

Dexter falls for this seductive serial killer, who kills her victims by poisonous plants and flowers. Later on in the season Maria LeGuerta finally finds out the fact that Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher and that he is a serial killer. She also finds a footage that implicates Debra to the Travis Marshal killing. She tries to honey trap Dexter by releasing the killer of her mother. He falls for the trap, but escapes in the nick of time.

Debra Kills Maria LeGuerta

In the final episode, he eventually kills the butcher of her mother and gets caught in the act by Maria LeGuerta in a shipping container at the harbour. At the same time, Debra too enters the container and is put in a spot to decide whom to shoot and whom to save. She finally shoots innocent Maria LeGuerta to save her brother and safeguard his chilling secret.

Season 8 First Episode

First episode starts with memorial of Maria LeGuerta and a bench named after her in a park in Miami. It turns out the guilt of killing an innocent subordinate to save her brother has taken too much of a toll on Debra.

She has finally quit Miami Metro and joined a private agency to live on the edge and succumbs to drugs to get over her guilt.

Dexter's son Harrison has grown. A new serial killer is on leash this season who cuts the skull of his victims and scoops parts of brain for some mysterious reason.

Evelyn Vogel Enters As A Neuro-Psychiatrist

A new character, Evelyn Vogel played by Charlotte Rampling, is introduced as neuro-psychiatrist specializing in serial killers, joining Miami Metro for assistance on the new serial killer case. However it turns out her intent for unrequested assistance to Miami Metro is to get to Dexter. It turns out she knows all about Dexter and his killing ways. She even reveals she knows about Harry's code, which is taught by his foster father Harry Morgan to help Dexter choose his victims and kill in way that keeps him safe and clean from the law.

Debra Living On Edge

How Evelyn Vogel knows a secret so close to Dexter's heart, who is the new serial killer who is killing in cold blood and cutting open a skull to scoop brain like ice cream, what happens to Debra Morgan who is now living on the edge is any body's guess and only time will tell as Dexter season 8 unravels.

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