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Diya Aur Baati Hum: November 20th Written Episode

By: Rupinder Kaur
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Baba Sa praises Bhabho for hearty dedication in doing all her duties of a married woman. He also shares how Bhabho showed the right path to him, but his confession is cut by Bhabho who shares that he always stood by her side in happiness as well as in sorrow. She thanks her husband for all what he has done for him. The family feels overwhelmed with their married life journey. However, Meena asks Bhabho to double the happiness prevailing in the atmosphere by showing one ghoomer.

Baba Sa urges his wife to show all the children her grace. And Bhabho dances like a peacock and the family enjoys the view.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya gets disturbed by comparing her married life and her mother-in-law's married life. She gets reminded of all the sequences which took place during her marriage with Suraj.

Suraj enters the room praising Sandhya's efforts, but she is lost and depressed. He thanks Sandhya for making his parent's marriage anniversary a memorable one. Sandhya speaks out her heart and proposes Suraj to marry once again.

Suraj gets amazed with this proposal and asks her to ignore the idea as they are already married. But Sandhya asks him to marry once again as it is her desire. She explains Suraj that their marriage was done in a hustle, and as they now known each other better, they should marry once again. She urges Suraj to do a love marriage so that they can restart their journey of a happy married couple.

Suraj agreed and places a candle on the floor and holds Sandhya to take the seven feras. But Sandhya draws her hand back and says that she wants to marry him once again in the same manner in which they got married first time. Suraj gets amazed and Sandhya asks him to make Baba Sa and Bhabho agree to their remarriage.

Suraj asks what would he reply to Bhabho in justification of this proposal to which Sandhya solemnly replies that she wants him to remarry her once again anyhow.

The morning starts with Bhabho instructing Chaturi to take the blankets on the roof to sunlight. On the contrary, Suraj is busy struggling inside how to put forth Sandhya's request for remarriage in front of Bhabho and Baba Sa. Sandhya reminds Suraj of her request to which Suraj notices very shyly. She explains him by actions, which brings a smile on the face of the viewers.

Bhabho calls Meena and scolds her for waking up late in the morning. On the other hand, Sandhya is constantly pushing Suraj to speak out. Bhabho overhears Meena talking to Kanha to not to pee on the bed and scolds her once again. Sandhya pushes Suraj to speak out. Meena walks up to Imli and taunts her for feeding her baby with a plastic spoon to which Imli informs that the spoon is very good to feed a child and it is sold expensive range in the market.

Tired from asking Suraj to speak up, Sandhya informs him through actions that she will speak out if he can't. Suraj finally brings the courage to speak out, however, he is stopped by Pari's cry. Bhabho moves out to feed Pari and scolds Imli. Sandhya again forces Suraj to speak out. Finally, Bhabho turns to Suraj, but he says that the request slipped from his mind.

Vikram asks the reason behind tensed behaviour of Bhabho Sa to which he informs that it is because they have not yet visited the Kul Devi mandir. Baba Sa also falls prey to Bhabho's scolding. Everyone is happy with the idea, but Suraj thinks of not telling the truth as they would not be able to remarry. She asks Chaturi to pack her bags so that she can go along with Bhabho and warns Suraj that they would get married in Kul Devi's mandir only.

Suraj helps in packing Sandhya's bags. She hands over her bridal dress to Suraj to pack it along with her clothes giving him a hint that she has decided firmly to get married once again. She also hands over Suraj's Sherwani which he wore on their marriage.

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