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When bad dreams turn to reality on Emotional Atyachaar

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Emotional Atyachaar reveals an interesting story of dreams indicating the reality. Once a relationship becomes rife with insecurities, sooner or later, something is bound to go wrong. And this is exactly what happened with Arjun and his girlfriend, Alisha.

Arjun's relationship with Alisha was going really smoothly. He never doubted her, but the only thing that made him insecure was that he wasn't financially strong as she was. Alisha was a chef in a high end restaurant, while Arjun worked in a HR firm. He would doubt Alisha because of the most peculiar reasons. He often had dreams that his girlfriend was cheating on him with someone else and this would leave him completely freaked out. He even told Alisha about the dreams, but she conveniently mocked him for worrying because of a dream.

Emotional Atyachaar

To add fuel to the fire, when Arjun accompanied Alisha to her college reunion, he met her friend Chirag, who revealed that he and Alisha were not even friends, but now that he has become rich, she was introducing him as her friend. This made Arjun even more insecure about his relationship, since he knew he wasn't as rich, and maybe Alisha wanted to be with someone who was equally well off as her.

Arjun began doubting Alisha when one day he visited her restaurant to surprise her, but instead was surprised to see her with Chirag. When confronted, she clarified that he had some work with her and that is why she met him. Arjun, however, thought that Alisha was involved with Chirag. Due to his insecurity, his nightmares continued. Now anxious, Arjun started keeping a tab on Alisha. He would follow her and check her phone calls as well. With their relationship under so much duress, the couple had not been intimate for months by now. Knowing this, Arjun was stunned to find out that while he was out of town, Alisha had taken a pregnancy test.

Unable to rid himself of the lingering doubt, Arjun followed Alisha once again. But this time, he was in for the shock of his life. So what does Arjun discover? Was Alisha really cheating on Arjun because he was not as rich as she wanted or was it something else?

To find out, tune into Emotional Atyachaar 4, Saturday 13th July 2013 at 7 pm only on bindass!

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