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Bigg Boss 7 - First Fight Coming Up; Only Jannatvasies can vote!

By: Girija Narayan
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Only one day up and Bigg Boss Saath 7 already has two inmates turning faces in opposite direction. Pratyusha Banerjee and Gauhar Khan seem to have issues to sort out.

Salman Khan hosted show Bigg Boss Saath 7 started yesterday, September 15, and already there are inmates starting to have issues amongst each other. The inmates who have been separated into half are living in two different living quarters, Hell and Heaven.

The people in Heaven will enjoy all the luxuries that can enable them to live comfortably. Whereas, the people in Hell will have to endure their stay with very minimal amenities whilst they witness the fellow inmates enjoying their stay comfortably.

The latest news say that the actress Pratyusha Banerjee when says that "popular actors" like herself are on the show so their fans can see how their favourite actors are in real life. While she would be saying this Gauhar Khan smirks (laughs) at her words. This would make Pratyusha to snap. Though VJ Andy would pacify their fight immediately, the fight most probably is just simmering on low flame.

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Also, only the Jannatvasi can vote! Yes, the Jannatvasies Shilpa Agnihotri, Anita Advani, Tanisha Mukherjee, VJ Andy, Gauhar Khan, Sangram Singh and Rajat Raiwal will get to vote. And it does not end here, they have to vote only the people who are living in Hell! Yes, the Jannatvasies have to nominate two inmates in Hell each, and one with highest votes will be eliminated.

VJ Andy

VJ Andy reads the memo given by the Bigg Boss, where he will be said to make every inmate say the reason each of them are in the house.

Everyone Assemble

All the inmates both from Hell and Heaven assemble in the living area where they will start with telling their reasons to coming on to the show.

Pratyusha Banerjee

Pratyusha Banerjee says...for famous actors like herself viewers want to know how their favourite actors are in their daily lives.

Gauhar Khan Smirks

Gauhar Khan would smirk at what Pratyusha says, which makes the Balika Vadhu actress snap at her.

Fight Simmering?

Though VJ Andy pacifies the fight, the actors are not on good terms with each other.

Inmates In Hell

Inmates in Hell in their humble beds.

Inmates n Heaven

Inmates in Heaven wake up fresh while people in Hell look grumpy.

Hell Looking Into Heaven

Kushal Tandon and Armaan Kohli looking at people in Heaven.

Faux Library In Heaven

Faux Library in Heaven where inmates are comfortable.

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