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Here's Why Gauhar-Kushal, Armaan-Tanisha Won’t Stay Together Post Bigg Boss 7!

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The two love stories of Bigg Boss 7 that has managed to get all the attention, Gauhar-Kushal and Armaan-Tanisha, will now face the actual test of reality. Now that they are not forced to stay together, they are free to go their separate ways and there are no cameras to record it nor there would be anyone watching them to judge and vote accordingly. Will these couple survive the harsh reality? Here's why they might not.

Now that Bigg Boss season 7 has come to an end the real story of the lovebirds will begin. Whether Gauhar Khan's continuous "advising" would sit well with Kushal Tandon, whether Kushal's lazy-spoilt-rich-kid behaviour continues to appeal to strong-active-ambitious Gauhar Khan, whether this couple, who cashed in on the bad-boy-good-girl love story, would survive in the harsh real world, with insecurities, misunderstandings, egos, fights, demands, ambitions, compromises, failures, or not will soon come to light.

Coming to Armaan and Tanisha's story, the people who were inseparable inside the house are already saying the "we-are-just-good-friends" line outside. Whether they are playing it safe or not, the chances of Tanisha continuing to stay with a short tempered, egoistic male like Armaan is quite meek.

Tanisha might have tried to survive his behaviour inside the house since they had started off with the whole love-story stunt. But with Armaan's behaviour this colourful in front of the cameras, we can only imagine what his behaviour could be when there are none. Tanisha who is obviously a soft spoken, non-violent, peaceful, positive energy seeking person, might not survive longer in a hostile environment that Armaan creates.

Well, let's give them a month and see where they stand then.

Also, what is strikingly similar to both these stories is that Gauhar and Tanisha are well behaved good girls in their own ways and both Armaan and Kushal are both spoilt, bad boys in their own ways. Do good girls "always" fall for bad boys?

Will This Love Last Outside?

This extreme love for each other might have been for the cameras sake. Whether they will continue this in their personal life too, when there are no body watching them?

Initial Days

Those initial days of their relationship when both are trying to impress the other, long conversations and so on naturally tend to ware off.

Gauhar-Kushal Love Story

It was fun to watch a girl and a boy meet for the first time and then fall in love.

Separation Anxiety

When Gauhar and Kushal had to live separately in hell and heaven, there was a high level of anxiety that was showcased.

Gauhar's Dominating Stance

Gauhar is a natural dominant and Kushal is not the kind to take it sitting.

Kushal's Insecurity

Kushal was seen showcasing his insecurities quite often. The episode where Gauhar called Ajaz to dance and what followed between Gauhar and Kushal is a clear example of this.

Will Gauhar Leave Anything for Kushal

We got to see Gauhar Khan ready to leave the show for Kushal's sake. But will she be ready to do this outside too?

Kushal Was Happy For Gauhar's Win

Kushal was happy when Gauhar was pronounced the winner. But will he be content sitting among the audience with her winning out in the world?

Gauhar Mam

Gauhar Khan's dominating personality was seen also in the toy factory task. Also Kushal's careless and irresponsible behaviour too was showcase under floodlights.

Other Ajazs

There will be a lot many Ajazs out in the world. With Kushal's insecurity sky high, how long will Gauhar keep explaining herself to him?

Mr Armaan The Dominant

Mr Armaan Kohli, the epitome of dominance needs anger management more than food.

Armaan's Switch-On Switch-Off Anger

Armaan's volatile behaviour has a speciality to it. He has the capacity to switch it on and off at a nano second.

Tanisha And Tanuja

Tanisha Mukherjee, the well brought up daughter of Tanuja, showcased elegance and poise even when Armaan was throwing insults at her. But will her mother allow this to continue?

Armaan Vs Tanisha

We got to see what happens when Tanisha even tried to stand up for herself against Armaan. Will Tanisha want to continue to stand this outside too?

Mr Anger

We got to see Armaan at his worst. This was when there were cameras watching him. What his behavior will be when there are no cameras watching him can be left to our imagination.

Tanisha Walks Or Stays?

Now that Tanisha is out of the Bigg Boss house and she does not need Armaan's protection, will she stay or will she walk?

Armaan Tanisha

It is quite clear that Armaan and Tanisha are changing their words just after coming out of the house. What other statements they will soon give is yet to be seen.

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