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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2: Will Astha Be Happy Marrying Shlok?

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The October 16th episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 starts with Atul asking Astha about her decision. Astha replies that she wants to marry Shlok. Everybody is shocked, and Kalindi thinks that Astha is under some kind of pressure. Ajju says Astha won't take any decision under pressure, she decides by her heart. Niranjan tells them that he has accepted Astha as their bahu and requests Atul and family to forgive Shlok for announcing in front of everybody. Kalindi is angry and leaves.

Atul expresses his fear over Astha and requests Niranjan to take care of her. Niranjan assures him that Astha will be treated like their daughter and asks him to relax. Shlok walks up to Anjali who is extremely angry at what has happened. Ajju is happy and goes to bring sweets for everybody.

Kalindi is worried for Astha and expresses her fear to her daughter. Niranjan leaves saying that he will find a nice muhurat (timing) for marriage and let them know. Shlok tells Astha that he told her what's on his mind, but she is yet to express her feelings and says that he will wait to hear from her.

Niranjan is glad that Shlok has forgotten Swati and has decided to move on in life. Shlok tells him that whatever happened with Swati was wrong and he could never forget that. Shlok also warns Anjali and tells her that everything has to go through him before reaching Astha.

Kalindi is still worried for Astha and thinks that Anjali will make her life miserable. She tells Ajju that she will try and explain all this to Astha. Kalindi later tries to explain to Astha about being wedded to a boy from that house. She is afraid that they might do something to her in Shlok's absence and asks her to stop getting emotional. Astha assures Kalindi that all will be fine and says that she will handle Anjali appropriately.

Niranjan announces to everybody that the pandit has given the mahurat after 10 days. Anjali still looks upset and Shlok is happy seeing this as he thinks that he has won the game over his mum.

What is in store for Astha? Will she be happy in Shlok's house. Let's see what tonight's episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 has to offer. Stay tuned!

Astha And Shlok Unite

Astha finally accepts that she wants to marry Shlok and seems quite happy with her decision.

Astha Assures Kalindi

Astha tells Kalindi that she loves Shlok and asks her to stop worrying.

Shlok Speaks To Astha

Shlok speaks to Astha over the phone and asks her to accept and express her love towards him.

Shlok Confronts Anjali

Shlok warns Anjali not to do anything that will harm or hurt Astha.

Both Families Meet

Astha tells everybody about her decision and both families decide that the two should marry.

Ajju Is Happy

Ajju is very happy for Astha and thinks that the two make an awesome pair.

Kalindi is Worried For Astha

Kalindi thinks that Anjali will make Astha's life miserable for her in that house and warns Astha about the same.

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