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Jodha Akbar: Jalal Angry When He Finds Out Jodha Was Being Drugged!

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Jodha Akbar's latest episode has shown that the mystery woman in burkah is trying her best to prove Jodha is dishonest. Jalal, in the meanwhile, has found out that Jodha has been nothing, but honest with him and she has been the victim in this scenario.

Jodha, who was said to have become pregnant with Jalal's child, was shocked he betrayed her. Jalal too, who believed Jodha was pregnant, came to a conclusion that Jodha has been with another man.

It was Salima begam who threw some light on the possibility that it might all be a mistake. She has a talk with Jalal and makes him realise that the doctor who declared her pregnant might be mistaken. Jalal when confronts the doctor and demands for answers, she explains how and why she came to this conclusion. She even points out that there are medicines that can make these symptoms of pregnancy show in a person.

To find out if Jodha is pregnant at all, they give her a medicine which makes a non-pregnant woman to vomit blue in four hours. Jodha will eventually do vomit as predicted and proves herself honest.

Now it is time for Jalal to find out who these people are who are trying to cause all this. The mystery women who was mixing medicines in Jodha's food comes to the doctor to get some more medicine and ends up getting seen and so try to kill the doctor.

We will have to see if the doctor manages to escape the killers and give the information to Salima as she wanted to? And now that Jalal knows people are trying to put Jodha in danger, will he be extra careful in protecting her? Also, it will be interesting to see how Jodha would react when she comes to know that Jalal was in fact honest with her and she was not pregnant at all!


Salima begam finds out from the doctor that there is the possibility that Jodha might have been drugged.

She Remembers

Salima then remembers that there was one instance in the kitchen when there was a lady in burkah whom she found suspicious.

Salima Tasted Jodha's Drink

Salima had ones tasted Jodha's drink and this had caused her to vomit.

Lady In Burkah

The lady in burkah would drop her medicine which she needs to keeps adding in Jodha's food.


In the meanwhile, Jalal continues to let Jodha believe that she is in fact pregnant.

Salima In Kitchen

When Salima comes to know that Jodha was being drugged, she makes sure that there is strict supervision in the kitchen.

Doctor Finds Out

The lady in burkah goes to the doctor to get the medicine. The doctor gets suspicious about her behaviour.

Doctor Knows

With the anklets and the burkah, the doctor figures out this was the lady who has been drugging Jodha.


The lady in burkah escapes with the medicine when the doctor tries to catch her.

Jodha Is Not Pregnant

Jodha vomits something blue proving she is not pregnant.

Salima Find Out

Salima finds out that Jodha is not pregnant.

Jalal Happy

Jalal was very happy to hear the news that Jodha was not pregnant.

Jalal Angry

Jalal gets very angry when he comes to know that Jodha was being drugged.

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