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Jodha Akbar: Love Blossoms While Enemies Lurk Behind!

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Jodha Akbar is now at a crucial point where Jalal has decided to face his enemy in person. Jodha and Akbar come to Amer to attend the wedding, where Pratap too is invited. Love blossoms while enemies lurk within Jalal's people.

Jodha Akbar get into trouble when they decide to go on boating. Jodha and Akbar would relax for a bit when they would get attacked. Jalal, who is always alert would assure Jodha that she does not have to worry since he is with her.

Akbar would decide to attend the wedding in Amer even though he knows it is trouble. He decides to win the hearts of whom he could not defeat in war. Though he knows Pratap, his enemy, might be attending the wedding, Jalal would prepare to attend with Jodha. Pratap, however, would decide to not attack Jalal since there would be women with him.

Akbar along with Jodha would leave to Amer. On the way, Jodha and Jalal would take a private round of boating since Jodha likes boating. The duo would be having a good time alone, away from any interference, until they would be attacked in the middle of the river.

Jalal would assure her that she does not have to worry since he is with her. They row to the shore and Jalal is furious he is attacked even with such tight security. Jalal would suspect the enemy is lurking amongst them.

They reach Amer, where they receive warm welcome. Jalal, who knows Pratap is in the same palace, would come face to face with him. Also, the romance between Jalal and Jodha is blossoming too. Jodha, on her own spends the night in the jungle in Jalal's tent. Since she is the only wife around Jalal for now, she decided to apply the medicine with her own hands.

While romance keeps Jalal's mind occupied, the enemy amongst his own plot to harm him. Let's wait and watch what happens next on Jodha Akbar tonight. 

Jalal Flirts With Jodha

Jalal has always been a little flirty with Jodha. He prefers to talk no politics with her, like he does with Ruqaiya.

Jodha's Punishment

Jodha's punishment for putting Jalal in such trouble is to cook his meals entirely herself in Amer.


Jalal jokes about having fallen in love with Jodha, and this would shock Ruqaiya extremely.


Jodha would come to know about the wedding in Amer.

On The Way To Amer

On their way to Amer, Jalal and Jodha would take boat ride.


Jalal would go on boating only because Jodha liked it before wedding.

Jodha Cares

Jodha would tend to Jalal's wound.

They Get Attacked

Jodha and Akbar would get attacked when they were in the middle of the river. Jalal says not to worry and he will take care of her.

Jodha And Akbar

Jodha and Akbar would escape the attack without getting hurt.

Adham And Sharif

Adham and Sharif would have planned the attack on Jodha and Akbar.

Jalal Suspects

Jalal suspects that the attack was from someone amongst themselves and not any outsider.

Jodha Getting Close

Jodha has been getting closer to Jalal and she no longer hates him.

Same Tent

Jodha would spend the night in Jalal's tent that night.


Jodha and Akbar reach Amer for a lavish welcome as this was the first time they are here after their wedding.

Only Wife

Since Jodha is the only wife who has accompanied Jalal to Amer, she would apply the medicine to him with her own hands.

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