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Jodha Akbar: Jalal Visits Mandir For Jodha; Uncovers Truth About His Soldiers!

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Jodha Akbar are getting closer than ever in Amer. Jalal demands she stay with him every night and Jodha complies. Also the couple visit a temple together, where Jalal discovers the truth why he has acquired his current image as the cruel King.

Jalal and Jodha reach Amer, where they would be received in all galore since this is the first time they are visiting after their wedding. Though every one is worried about Pratap and Jalal living in the same place, they are assured they are here for the wedding and they would not attempt to ruin the wedding with a war.

Jalal though knows Pratap's hatred towards him is confident that he would not attempt anything behind his back. Also, Jalal is aware that there are men amongst his own who are trying to harm him.

Keeping this in mind, Jodha and her family would pray that there won't be any trouble and that the wedding would take place peacefully. Jodha then talks about her worry to Jalal, who assures her that he is here only to attend the wedding and not to wage a war. He promises he would not initiate a war, provided no one would insult him, his religion and his people and also, Jodha would stay with him every night during their stay in Amer. Jodha complies.

Jalal and Jodha's romance does not end here, Jodha would apply medicine to his wounds and they would visit a temple together too. When Jodha would be leaving to a temple, Jalal would be asked to go along with her. Jalal would say if Jodha can visit Ajmer, he can visit a mandir too.

Jodha Akbar would visit the temple, where Jodha finds it very moving that Jalal would respect her religion and leave his footwear and weapon outside. Jalal then discovers the truth behind the cruel image he has acquired among the Hindus.

Jalal discovers that the Hindu temples have been attacked and the jewellery has been stolen by his own soldiers.

Their Closeness

Jalal and Jodha on their way to Amer go on boating.

Jodha's Worry

Jodha, along with her family, would be worried that Jalal would wage a war with Pratap.

Jalal Reassures Jodha

Jalal would reassure Jodha that he is here to attend the wedding only and not to wage any war.

Jalal Silence Jodha

When Jalal asks Jodha to spend her nights in his room, Jodha starts to argue, but Jalal would stop her saying no one should know about this.

Jalal Promises But...

When Jodha asks Jalal to promise he would not start a war, he would comply provided no one would insult him and his religion and Jodha would spend all the nights in Amer with him.

Jalal Gets Demanding

Jalal would start demanding Jodha to give him a head massage and apply medicine to his wounds.

Jalal's Injuries

When Jodha sees that Jalal's injuries are still there, she would decide to apply some more medicine on him.


Since they are not in Agra, Jalal says she is the only one to apply medicine for his wounds.

Head Massage

Jalal fiends a headache and asks Jodha to give him a massage.

Jodha The Tigress

Jalal would say that there is something between him and jungles. He got attacked in the jungle by the tiger and now from the tigress, Jodha.

Jalal Earns Jodha's Trust

Jalal has earned Jodha's trust and she would decide to spend her nights with Jalal.


Jodha would be going to a temple when Jalal enters.

Jalal Too Goes To Mandir

When Jodha would be going to the temple, Jalal too would agree to go along with her.

Jalal Prays

Jalal would pray with Jodha to the Hindu goddess surprising her. Jalal then discovers that all the jewels in the temple have been stolen. He would be shocked to hear that it is his soldiers who would have stolen all the jewels.

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