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Madhubala: Rishbala's Love Strong Enough To Withstand Sultan?

By: Girija Narayan
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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon's famous pair Rishbala are getting divorced. Yes, you read it right, the favourite couple who just got married are getting divorced because of Sultan.

RK, who got thrown into the jail for killing Sultan, has no clue that Sultan is alive and is threatening his beloved wife. Madhu, who had initially pushed his threats aside is somehow convinced that Sultan is capable of killing RK. Madhu, who seems to have succumbed to his threats, has decided to separate herself from her husband by seeking divorce.

Madhu strongly believes RK's life is in danger because of Sultan and has decided to separate herself from her husband in an attempt to keep him alive. She thinks the attack in jail and the reason why RK is sent back to jail is all because of Sultan. She plans to get RK believe she is in love with Sultan from the beginning and she has been thinking about him a lot lately. She also says that she believes Sultan can give everything she ever wanted and RK is not capable of doing that.

Sultan, who is still dead to the world except for Madhu, has been successful in getting Madhu to think that he will kill RK if she does to leave him and come to him forever. Sultan, who claims to want everything RK has, because he is the unfortunate son who is denied life while RK is given everything.

So far, it seems like Sultan is getting what he wants. But the chance that RK and Madhu might be planning a counter plot can't be ignored. Also, it is still a possibility that Rishbala are innocent enough to fall for Sultan's ploy. Either ways, Rishbala's love or hate story between RK and Madhubala will continue to entertain us.

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Sultan Threatening Madhu

Sultan repeatedly has been threatening Madhu. He would have sent photos of RK in jail to Madhu and would have given her a 24 hour deadline to leave RK and come to him.

Madhu Ignores Sultan's Warnings

Madhu even after Sultan's warning would have considered his threat, but when RK returns home, she would be relieved.

Sultan Kidnaps Madhu

Sultan kidnaps Madhu and warns her about her deadline.

Post SRK

The happiness they had when RK returns from the jail and even the dance with SRK is short lived, since Sultan is just around the corner posing a threat to their relationship.

The Fun With SRK

The fun they had in the SRK episode seems to be coming back to haunt them.

Madhu In Recent Past

Madhu has been seen disturbed in the recent past, which RK too would have noticed. She would cry often and is moody most of the time.

Madhu Prior

Madhu has been showing signs of withdrawal in recent times. RK too has been noticing the change in her behaviour.

Madhubala Signing The Divorce Papers

Madhubala, who is now convinced that Sultan is a threat to RK, decides to sign the papers.

Madhu Give RK The Divorce Papers

Madhubala, who has been considering the divorce from quite a while, has now given the signed papers to RK.

RK's Reaction To The Papers

After Madhu gives RK the papers, the scenario goes bad to worse.

Would Rishbala Survive

Would Rishbala survive the Sultan's ploys or would succumb to it? We will have to wait and watch.

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