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Madhubala: Rishbala's Tubelight Dinner In Jail!

By: Girija Narayan
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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon's RK-Madhu romance moves to jail. RK and Madhu somehow have managed to have dinner together in jail last night.

Madhubala's Rishbala, who have been in trouble ever since they met, are again in a pickle yet again. RK, who killed his step-brother Sultan, has been arrested. When he was about to get a bail, his past careless life comes back to kick him in the back. All the misdeeds he had committed comes into forefront and his bail gets rejected. Thus putting him into jail until his next hearing.

So, RK, the rich-actor is thrown into jail and Madhu, his wife, gets to work in trying to get him out of jail. Meanwhile, the newlyweds manage to have a tubelight dinner together in jail.

Precap of this serial shows Madhu trying to convince the lawyers that RK has changed a lot and is no longer the arrogant ruthless guy he was before. Let's wait to see if it works.

We have to wait and watch if Madhu will manage to get him out of the jail or if he will in fact serve his term in jail for having killed Sultan.

RK Sultan Fight

When Sultan declares war with RK, it was natural that he would take the challenge. RK goes to where Sultan had called and they get into a fight as expected.

RK Kills Sultan Accidentally

When the situation goes out of control and RK in an attempt to keep Madhu safe, accidentally fires a bullet. And the bullet happens to hit Sultan and he dies. RK is then arrested and put to jail.

Rishbala In Jail

RK's bail gets rejected because his previous misdeeds would be bought up into forefront. He would be put into prison until his next hearing.

In the jail, RK would refuse to eat anything nor meet anyone. But his wife, Madhu, would be persistent, she would manage to meet him and also convince him to eat.

RK, The Great

RK, the rich and arrogant actor who had life under his control is now in jail.

We have to wait and watch where the story would take him in the future.

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhubala, the show that is about the lives of Madhu, RK and Sultan has resulted in killing Sultan. We have to wait and watch how Madhu manages to get her husband out of the jail.

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