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Madhubala: RK Kills Sultan While Protecting Madhu!

By: Girija Narayan
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When Sultan challenged RK, it was a given that he would take up the duel. As expected, the two meet at Sitara, ready to kill each other on the show, Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

RK reaches Sitara (studio) to find Sultan all ready for him. RK would have left the house without Madhu's notice. Seeing RK, Sultan starts off saying, RK, the great, is the one who is illegitimate now that every one knows that MK married his mother Meera first. RK stands silent while Sultan goes on talking.

RK then says, it is the truth what he has just said, MK hurt Meera and Radha lied about all this. He continues saying, MK has made his life a lie and the fact that he has Sultan's blood flowing in his veins makes him want to cringe. RK says he can take away everything he has, but there is one thing that he cannot take away from him, and that is his love Madhu.

Madhu reaches the spot right when the fight would have reached the point of firing bullets. When she reaches, Sultan would be pointing the gun at RK, she runs to RK and shields him. She asks Sultan not to let his evil side win. She says she is RK's forever and would not love any body other than him. She urges Sultan not to give in, and to bring back the real Sultan who cares. He drops the gun.

But when Madhu hugs RK thinking the ordeal is over, Sultan would not be able to control himself. He runs to the gun he just threw. RK tries to stop him get to the gun. They quarrel with each other trying to shoot the other person. At one point, the gun even aims at Madhu. This pushes RK to the hilt. There would be a bullet fired, and the bullet would have hit Sultan, pushing him off the cliff.

RK shocked to see Sultan shot and falling off the cliff says to Madhu, he has killed him. He says, he hated Sultan but never wanted to kill him. Madhu takes him away from the scene.

We have to wait and watch in the coming episodes if RK in fact has killed Sultan or if he has survived the bullet and the fall. And what this event would do to their relationship.

RK And Sultan Duel

RK reaches Sitara to find Sultan expecting him. They have the initial war of words after which they would fight each other. Madhu reaches the spot to find them aiming guns at each other.

Madhu Sees RK And Sultan In The Verge Of Shooting Each Other

On instinct, she runs to RK and shields him from Sultan. She asks Sultan to not give in to this evilness and bring back the real Sultan who is loving and caring.

Sultan Gives Up Initially

When Madhu asks Sultan to not give up, he resigns and throws away the gun. Sensing the danger out of the way, Madhu hugs RK. This throws Sultan off balance and he again tries to pick up the gun.

Sultan RK Quarrel

Sultan and RK quarrel for the gun. At one point when the gun aims at Madhu, RK looses it. This ends in him firing a bullet by accident.

RK Shoots Sultan Accidentally

In the fight to stop Sultan harming Madhu, RK fires a bullet accidentally. RK and Madhu stand shocked to see Sultan shot and falling off the cliff.

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