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Pavitra Rishta: Arjun And Purvi's Love Story In Pictures

By: Nagarathna Andanappa
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"Opposites attracts", these words are very true with Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta's Arjun and Purvi. One who watches Pavitra Rishta will know why it is said so in Arjun-Purvi's case. For those who are new to this serial, here is the love story of two opposite poles - Arjun and Purvi.

Arjun Digvijay Kirloskar (Rithvik Dhanjani), an arrogant and workaholic businessman, happens to meet simple, beautiful, humble and hardworking girl Purvi Deshmukh (Asha Negi). Everytime bump into each other with one or the other fight.

Their first meet started with a fight, where Puri was seen protesting against the new rule made by the owner of the company, which was firing old employees which included Purvi's mother Archana (Ankita Lokhande). Arjun fires Purvi for this, and she happily accepts it. Arjun, being stubborn, could not take this, and wanted Purvi to repent and so Arjun offers job. He assigns every single work to her so that she gets tired and irritated and quit the job herself. But Purvi takes this as a challenge and works hard. She never said quit, though her boss Arjun troubled her every now and then.

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Read on to know more about Arjun-Purvi's love story in the slideshow...


Purvi is adopted daughter of Archana (and Manav), and Arjun is son of Manav's Boss (DK).


Purvi's engagement gets fixed and when she wanted to go home early to meet her finance's parents, Arjun doesn't agree. This makes Purvi irritated and she resigns from the job.

Purvi's fiance

Purvi's fiance is none other than her colleague, Vinay, who seems to be very good and simple.

Arjun Uncomfortable Without Purvi

Arjun starts feeling uncomfortable at office because of her absence. He misses Purvi every now and then, but will not be able to express his feelings.

Purvi Offered Job

Purvi, who comes to office to complete her notice period, is offered job again. Her fiance thinks that Arjun came to know about Purvi's abilities and offers her job.

Arjun Gifts Bangle

Arjun, who is engaged to Ovi, Purvi's sister and Archana's biological daughter, when buying jewellery for Ovi, gets her (Purvi) a bangle. Gifts her the same in front of Purvi's fiance, who doesn't mind. Strange!!

Purvi's Engagement

It is later during Purvi's engagement, Purvi's mother Archana comes to know that Vinay's parents wants working women as their daughter-in-law and are greedy. Not only Vinay's parents, even Vinay was greedy for the same. And their engagement breaks.

Arjun-Purvi From Friends To Lovers!

Arjun will be falling in love with Purvi unknowingly. After Purvi and Vinay's engagement breakup, they become friends. It is after this that they become closer day by day.

Arjun-Purvi MMS

When Arjun and Purvi are out for an official work, they come closer, where Arjun will be just helping Purvi in putting eye drops. This would be recorded by Purvi's cousin and the MMS clip gets circulated later.

Purvi Hurt!

Arjun, while convincing Purvi saying he will manage about the MMS being circulated, kisses her forehead, which shocks and hurts Purvi.

Arjun Confesses His Love To Purvi

Arjun confesses his love to Purvi, waiting for her outside her house in rain. He also says that if she has no feeling towards him he will go back to Canada. Purvi, seeing Arjun leave, could stop expressing herself and accepts Arjun's love, unaware of Arjun being in relationship with Ovi.

Twist In Love Story

Every love story has a twist, and the twist here was Arjun not saying the truth of his and Ovi's relation. Purvi comes to know this, and that too when he is getting engaged to Ovi! Purvi breaks up with Arjun.


After few weeks, Archana comes to know the truth that Arjun and Purvi love each other. Arjun, now is said to prove the same without his father's help (name and fame).

Arjun As A Mechanic

To prove his love, Arjun works as a mechanic (the same way how Purvi's father and Archana's husband - Manav proved his hardwork), with the help of Purvi.

Arjun Proves...

Arjun proves his love by taking up Archana's challenge and also saves Purvi's life when she was kidnapped. After this big test, Arjun finally succeeds in impressing his soon to be mother-in-law.

Arjun-Purvi Marriage

The marriage gets fixed. Now again a twist in the story, Ovi becomes villain in their life and with the help of Purvi's cousin, she starts emotionally blackmailing Purvi. Ovi puts a condition that if Purvi wants her mother to be happy with Ovi and family, she has to sacrifice Arjun. Purvi, for the sake of her mother, sacrifices Arjun.

Arjun-Purvi Marriage Breaks, But Not The End

Arjun too sacrifices his love by promising Purvi to marry Ovi and keeping her happy. This is not the end of Arjun-Purvi Love Story. We will be back with their updated love story soon. Stay locked to this space...

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