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Pavitra Rishta: Arjun-Purvi To Reunite; Ankita Loses Job!

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In Pavitra Rishta, Purvi (Asha Negi) is seen writing a dairy, thinking of Arjun (Rithvik Dhanjani). She feels that Arjun is happy with his family, also is upset saying Arjun has chosen Ovi over her. She also feels sad that she couldn't give Pari her father.

At the same time, we are shown that Arjun waking up and getting ready for office. He calls his daughter, asking for breakfast. On the way to office, Arjun notices Ankita (Ankita Lokhande), who reminds him of his mother-in-law.

Ankita, who is Soham's elder daughter, has the responsibility of whole family. She gets ready for the interview, while her younger sister Sonu says her to go to Bappa's (Lord Ganesh) temple, before attending the interview. Sonu asks Shashank, who is in love with Ankita, to take her to the temple.

Ankita doesn't believe in God and says Shashank to pray on her behalf. On the way to the temple, Shashank asks her to marry him since she got the most awaited job now. But Ankita insists him to move on in life and not to wait for her since she has loads of responsibilities.

Accidently, Ankita is there for an interview in AK companies, where Arjun is partner with Shirish, but Arjun doesn't notice her in the company. Shirish is in conversation with Arjun regarding the press meet that evening. Arjun asks regarding the female employees who have quit from their office, which was told by HR manager, but Shirish ignores the same and asks him to concentrate on big even and not to think about such small issues.

Though Ankita gets job in AK companies, she gets into trouble when she slaps her boss' son - Raunaq. Arjun, who witness the incident, is shocked to see Ankita. In order to know things, he calls Purvi, both are shocked and doesn't speak about this matter. Arvi (Arjun-Purvi), who were ones in so much love are separated and now Arjun wants to clear misunderstanding between them.

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Purvi Upset With Arjun; Arjun Alone!

Purvi is seen writing diary thinking Arjun is happy with his Ovi and family. But the fact is Arjun is not with Ovi and the one who is shown as his daughter is his servant's granddaughter Tina. He loves her as her child and gifts her laptop. Servant asks him if he is missing his daughter, but Arjun says that the matter will be discussed later. So the question is where is Ovi and their kid Pia?

Ankita-Shashank Love.

On the other hand, we are shown Ankita who is struggling to survive with her family since her father Soham is a drunkard and fit for nothing. Shashank is with Ankita who loves her unconditionally and asks her to marry. He takes her to Bappa's temple and pray the same to God.

Ankita Sis Manasi Loves Shashank!

Manasi, who is Ankita's sister seems to be in love with Shashank! It should be seen what will happen when Ankita comes to know about this. Shashank also helps her brother Prashant in his studies.


On her way to an interview, Ankita finds her friend and discuss about her exams and interview. Her friend wishes her luck. Arjun also notices Ankita crossing the road who reminds him of his mother-in-law.

Ankita Gets Job

Ankita goes to the interview, where Arjun in one of the partners. She gets the job and celebrates the same with her brothers and sisters, also with her boyfriend Shashank.

Soham Creates Trouble

There happened to be a trouble caused by her father Soham, who sells his house without informing his family. Two men come to Ankita's place to warn her to empty the house by evening. Ankita is worried but says her brother not to worry and not to take any extreme step until she is back home from work.

Ankita's First Day At Office

Ankita enters office happily as it is her first day at work. But she finds her colleagues speaking against one of their manager, who is Shirish's younger son, Raunaq. They also went on to say that she is 18th victim of the sir. Raunaq asks Ankita to attend press conference at his house and note down important things.


Ankita goes to the press conference, Raunaq greets her and asks her to get file from the room. She goes to the room in search of the file. Meanwhile, one of his friends asks him about her and Raunaq says she is too good. Their friends also comment saying he will never change.

Shirish, The Bad Man?

Shirish introduces Arjun to one of his associates. He says she too is single, and to give company to her at the party. But Arjun ignores and says he is waiting for someone and can't give her company.

Raunaq Misbehaves With Ankita

Raunaq enters the room and tries to misbehave with Ankita. Ankita is shocked to see him close to her and slaps him. Arjun looks stunned!

Raunaq Insults Ankita

Raunaq couldn't take the insult as she didn't allow him to get close and slaps him. He starts insulting her in the party. He also claims that she has stolen his friend's wallet. Ankita, who couldn't take all these, slaps him in front of all.

Arjun Stunned To See Ankita

Arjun is stunned to see Ankita! He takes her pictures on mobile. It should be seen if Arjun supports Ankita and if she will be retained in the job as she is desperately in need of the job, in the coming episode.

Purvi Birthday Planning

In Canada, Teju and Archana are planning to celebrate Purvi's birthday party. Pari is busy with office work though she is present there to discuss about the party. Purvi insists not to celebrate since she feels it's not the age to celebrate birthday.

Arjun Speaks To Purvi After 20 Years!

At the same time, Arjun calls Deshmukh House several times on mobile, when she doesn't pick the call, he calls to landline. Purvi picks the call and is shocked to hear Arjun on phone. Pari speaks in between asking for file. Listening to Pari, Arjun is happy to hear her voice, and asks if it is Pari. Purvi says she will call him later.


Archana asks Purvi if the call was of Arjun by seeing her dull. She also says she still loves Arjun and to call him and clear things. Archana says Purvi is single and should consider calling him and clarifying the matter.

Arjun Waits For Purvi's Call

Both Purvi and Arjun wait for each other calls. Purvi picks several times to call Arjun, but doesn't! It should be seen if they speak to each other. Will Arjun-Purvi Unite after 20 years of separation, just like how their parents Archana and Manav were separated got re-united?

Soham Throws His Family Out Of House

Soham along with two men who had warned them to empty the house forces their children out. It should be seen how Ankita will deal with this situation as she no longer has the job.

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