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Pavitra Rishta: Where Is The Show Heading?

By: Nagarathna Andanappa
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Zee TV's show Pavitra Rishta, which once had the highest TRPs, seems to be facing problem now! The show is trying its best to maintain the audience interest intact. But people seem to be losing interest in the show as the serial is being dragged. There have been few leaps in the serial and now it is said that a big leap of 18-20 years may happen. Fans of this serial may be wondering what's happening to the show and where its' heading!

At first, audience were upset when their famous lead pair was changed (Sushant Singh Rajput was replaced by Hiten Tejwani). Sushant quit the show to persue his filmy career. People had loved the pair (Ankita and Sushant) and their love story. Though it took time for people to accept Hiten as Manav, they had to accept as there was no other way. Then there was a leap of four years, which was followed by 18 years leap.

Post leap, we saw a love story between Archana's daughter Purvi (Asha Negi) and Arjun (Ritvik Dhanjani). This was dragged, and after a long wait and struggle they got married. Now, it is said that Asha and Ritvik may quit the show.

It was even speculated that Ankita didn't want to play the role of grandmother and wanted to quit the show. But she rubbished the speculations saying she was just on a break and didn't want to quit the show.

It was even said that the show will take 18-20 years generation leap for Ankita to return to the show, which didn't go well with the younger lot in the serial. According to sources, Jia Mustafa, Karan Sharma, Shakti Arora, Shruti Kanwar and Usha Nadkarni have already put down their papers.

Now too many changes are happening in the serial. Is this an indication for the actors to say bye to the show. Will there be Pavitra Rishta 2?

Click on the slideshow to know what may happen (prediction) to Pavitra Rishta. Also check out who all have (and may) quit your favourite show...

Archana-Manav (Ankita Lokhande-Hiten Tejwani)

With Manav behaving strange because of the bullet stuck in brain, Archana may take him abroad for good treatment and this may end their story. Or when Manav is back home with his family, he may get well, and may end this part of story!

Arjun-Purvi (Rithvik Dhanjani-Asha Negi)

Asha and Rithvik, popularly known as Arvi of Pavitra Rishta, though are very happy that they are finally together with their daughter Pari, they are sad with their baba Manav who is unwell. However, if Manav gets well soon, these two may be shown as happy family. Pari may take the serial to next level as Pavitra Rishta 2!

Soham-Gauri (Ankit Narang and Priyanka Kandwal)

We are shown a new twist, where Gauri is eyed and also troubled by MLA's son Sandeep. He misbehaves with Gauri. Soham may come to her rescue and may also in future express his love to Gauri. They may get married and exit the show.

Onir and Ovi (Shakti Arora And Shruti Kanwar)

Now that Onir and Ovi are all alone, they may part ways to lead their life in their own way. Shruti may go to Canada to continue her modelling, while Shakti may stay here or go abroad and help the people in need.

Let's see who have already quit the show and who may/are in verge of quitting the show...

Sushant Singh Rajput-Hiten Tejwani

The very important and the main lead (Manav) of the show had quit the show, when Pavitra Rishta was in the peak. He quit the show to pursue his full time filmy career.

Prarthana Behere-Madhumita Das

Prarthana Behere was replaced by Madhumita Das as the former wanted to take her career to next level by entering into films.

Karan Sharma (Sunny)

According to a source, Karan Sharma quit the show as the character of Sunny didn't shape up in the right way.

Ankita Lokhande

It should be seen if Ankita would follow her boyfriend, Sushant.

It is said that Ankita didn't want to play the role of grandmother. It is also said that post leap of 18-20 years, Ankita may play a double role, which didn't go well with the younger lot in the show.

We never know, if Ankita gets a break in Bollywood she may quit the show!

Rithvik Dhanjani

Rithvik was in talks with the production house and he had said that if the generation jump is planned properly he might stay back as he is not ready to play the role of a father of a grown-up.

Shakti Arora

Shakti, speaking to a website, said that post the leap, he doesn't have anything important and didn't want to be one in the crowd standing behind so he decided to quit.

Jia Mustafa (Pooni)

According to a source, it is said that Jia was not happy with her role in Pavitra Rishta and was disappointed with the leap news. It is said that she is still in talks with the production house regarding her exit from the show.

Shruti Kanwar And Asha Negi

Both would be quitting the show as they are also said to be not interested in playing the older ones post leap.

Usha Nadkarni

Usha, according to a source, was quoted as saying that she was supposed to quit the show, but since the production house requested her to stay back she will continue till the leap happens.

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