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Photos: Bigg Boss 7's Ticket To Finale Week Gets Hotter With Old Tasks!

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Bigg Boss 7's "Ticket To Finale Week" gets the inmates to form two teams of their choice and they will be competing on every task they have so far done on the show. And with each win, the winning team will get to remove one contestant from the loosing team, and that person will be out of the team and out of the run to get the "Ticket To Finale Week".

Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukherjee, VJ Andy and Sangram Singh are in one team. Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon, Kamya Panjabi and Ajaz Khan form other team.

First Task: "Count the Clock" for an hour and which ever team manage to count the clock aptly and let Bigg Boss know when exactly the hour is up wins. Armaan's team wins this task. And they remove Gauhar Khan from competing any more.

Second Task: "Angels and Demons" will have the same teams provided with three medals each. They will have to protect their medals, like angels, while trying to steal the opponent's, like demons. Which ever team will end up having the most number of medals wins. Armaan's team win again. And they remove Kushal from the contest.

In between, Kamya and Ajaz have an argument in the middle regarding, Chavanprash sharing, emergency toilet and backstabbing, being a friend, s*** mouth and so on.

Third Task: "Kabi Haa Kabi Naa" will have the team that performs the most task and win, will be the winner.

First, Armaan's team ask Ajaz to do a four minute hand stand. Ajaz agrees, and he goes down in for four seconds and looses. Then they ask Kamya to circle the hoola hoops on both hands for one whole minute, but she looses. The next is for Kamya again. She will have to hang on four fingers for 30 seconds. And she completes the task successfully. Next task is for Ajaz to do the same task for two minutes. And he manged to get 35 seconds and gives up.

Then, Kamya and Ajaz's team ask Armaan's team to perform these tasks. Andy is asked to circle eight rounds and walk a straight line, but Andy looses. Then Tanisha gets the hoola hoop for 60 seconds. She looses. Then Armaan is asked to hang on fingers for two minutes, but he then says no since whether or not he performs the task they will lose this round anyways. Winning team, Ajaz and Kamya, decide to remove Armaan Kohli from contesting further.

The day ends with Ajaz and Kamya's dispute yet again.

Team 1

Team one had Gauhar Khan, Kamya Punjabi, Kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan.

Team 2

Team 2 had Sangram Singh, Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukherjee and VJ Andy.

Clock Task

The first task, Clock Count, had two contestants counting time and two distracting the opponents.

Armaan And Sangram

Armaan and Sanrgam were persistent throughout and managed to win the task.

Angels And Demons

The next task, Angels and Demons had Ajaz managing to snatch Andy's medal.

Friends At Task

Tanisha tried to pull the medal from Kamya, but failed at the first attempt.

Ajaz And Kushal

Ajaz and Kushal tried to snatch Sangram's medal, but couldn't succeed.

Tanisha Won

Tanisha managed to snatch the medal from Kamya even though she put up a good fight.

Kabi Haa Kabi Naa

The next task, Kabi Haa Kabi Naa, had Armaan's team asking Ajaz to hand stand for four minutes. Ajaz managed for four seconds.

Kamya - Hoola Hoop

Kamya was asked to manage the hoola hoop on both hands for one minute, but she failed.

Kamya Hangs On Fingers

Kamya is then asked to hang on four fingers for 30 seconds. She manages to finish the task.

Ajaz Asked For 2 Minutes

Ajaz is then asked to do the same task, but for two minutes.

Andy On Balance

Andy is asked to circle the penguin eight times and walk a straight line, but he fails.


Armaan Kohli is asked to hang on fingers for two minutes. He gives up since it would make no difference.

Tanisha - Hoola Hoop

Tanisha is asked to manage a hoola hoop for one minute, but she fails.

Competition To Get Hotter

With more rounds remaining in this run to win the ticket to finale week, the competition is going to get much hotter.

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