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Qubool Hai: Asad at last says he loves Zoya, but Zoya...

By: Girija Narayan
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Asad and Zoya's love story is undergoing the most crucial and hurtful chapter ever in the show Qubool Hai. They are at a stage where they have to convince themselves to live apart, but are finding it the most difficult thing ever to do.

Asad and Zoya who have gone to Ajmer Dargah to get some possible answers for their situation from the almighty, are in for some unexpected surprise. The place where they come to get answers, shows them their destiny. They find each other at the dargah.

Zoya and Asad enter the dargah not knowing the other is also doing the same. They pray together to get some answers. And they are answered quite instantly. 

After their prayers, both leave the dargah and wonder around aimlessly. Though both were lost in each other's memories, neither realise their proximity. It would be Asad who first sees Zoya. Though he thinks it might be his imagination, he soon realises, it is really her.

At The Dargah

Asad, who thinks he has done the unthinkable, is guilt-stricken, distraught and heartbroken. Zoya, who has lost any meaning in life, is as lost and heartbroken as Asad. Both turn to the almighty to show them some way.

After The Prayer

After their prayers they wonder around aimlessly to realise they are in each other's presence. Asad when realises it was Zoya herself, is ecstatic. He runs to her to realise that she does not actually even want to talk to him.

Asad And Zoya

Asad, who had let many number of chances to express his feelings to Zoya easily pass, is now at a point where it is now or never. Asad, the ever proud and ever arrogant and autocratic, is at a point where he realises his life has no meaning without the girl he took for granted.

Asad At Last Says He Loves Her Immesely

But Asad realising that he might not get another chance to see her or talk to her, is desperate to tell her what he has not been able to put to words until now. He at last says he loves her and can't imagine a life without her. He tells her how important she is to him and that his life has no meaning without her in it.

Zoya Shattered

Zoya, who has been waiting for these words for soo long is so shattered that she is not able to accept his feelings. Though it is one of the hardest thing she has ever done in her life, she says she can't accept his love since she is not able to forget what she saw and cannot forgive him for what he has done. When he says 'Please', asking her to reconsider her decision, she leaves Asad and walks off, scared she might actually accept him if she stays any longer, looking at him this distraught.

Zoya Heart Broken

Zoya, leaves Asad and walks off head held high, but her heart on the other hand, is broken into million pieces.

While walking off, she remembers about this medicine that can erase ones memory. This gets her thinking about what transpired that day and what exactly she saw and heard that day.

Zoya Goes Through The Happenings

Zoya remembers Asad waking up fuzzy and uncertain of what was happening around him. She remembers him saying he can't remember what happened. And she also remembers about this medicine which, when consumed, can erase one's memory. This clarifies a lot of things to her and she is certain now that Asad has not done anything wrong.

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