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Qubool Hai: Asad And Ayaan Ask For 7 Days; Predicting What Can Go Wrong By Then!

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Qubool Hai's Asad and Ayaan have asked Zoya and Humaira for 7 days. 7 days to make everything right for themselves so Asad-Zoya and Ayaan-Humaira can put an end to their separations. Asad, played by Karan Singh Grover, would not be able to stop himself from meeting and talking to Zoya, played by Surbhi Jyoti, and ends up at her place to meet her.

Asad-Zoya and Ayaan-Humaira have been separated from each other from the day Ayaan and Zoya got married by mistake. From that day on Humaira has avoided Ayaan and Zoya too has been avoiding Asad. Zoya has not been receiving Asad's calls even though he has been trying to talk to her repeatedly.

Nikhat gets engaged to Farhan at last and the wedding will be taking place in a week. And this makes Asad and Ayaan confidently tell Zoya and Humaira they will get back together in 7 days. But as we all know, a lot can happen in the meanwhile, with Tanveer, Razia and Haseena trying everything they can to make everyone's lives miserable.

Razia, since Humaira's happiness is at stake, might work for the betterment of everyone involved. The same way she rectified the photo situation by messing up Zoya's dress. She might concentrate more in preventing Zoya from finding out about her father though. Latest spoilers say that Razia will be clicking Asad and Zoya's photos together. This might actually help Asya but will pose issues with Nikhat and Farhan wedding though...

Haseena on the other hand might be a bit of an issue when it comes to Zoya and Ayaan marriage and connect it with Nikhat and Farhan's wedding. Also the situation with Imran telling Najma about Tanveer and himself might surface as a major issue too.

The biggest threat here is Tanveer, who has dared to actually meet Asad too. She might do her best from keeping Asad and Zoya separated, no matter what. The main weapon she has in her hand is Imran and their baby. She might use this to maximum advantage.

Zoya And Imran

Zoya realises the whole issue started because of Imran and his relationship with Tanveer. She confronts him and says she knows about Tanveer's pregnancy and that he is the father of the child. Zoya also says that he has to tell the truth to Najma if he loves her.

Tanveer Dares

Tanveer actually dares to meet Asad in his office. He would of course throw her out with out any hesitation.

Asad Frustrated

Zoya would not pick Asad call again and he gets very frustrated because of this.

Dilshad Tells Asad

Dilshad tells he should not give up this easily and says he has to do everything he can to make things right.

Asad Meets Zoya At Last

Asad would not be able to stay away from Zoya and he comes to meet her in the garden. He promises he would make everything alright in 7 days.

Ayaan And Humaira

Humaira would be avoiding Ayaan repeatedly and Ayaan confronts her no matter what. He too would promise Humaira that everything will be alright in 7 days.

Haseena Issue

Haseena has become the biggest problem in Najma's life and her interference in every issue is not sitting well with Najma. But will she do anything about it....let's wait and watch.

The Major Problems

The major problems right now on the show are Haseena, Razia and Tanveer.

Asad And Zoya Meet

Asad would meet Zoya in the garden and this is their first meeting after she got married to Ayaan.


Asad and Zoya would not be able to stop themselves from hugging after missing each other for so long.

Asad Promises Zoya

Asad would promise Zoya that he will make everything alright in 7 days.

Asya Together Soon

Asad promise might not come true with people waiting to keep them away. Now that Tanveer is back, she might pose trouble.

Will They Get Back Together

Will Asad's promise to get back together in 7 days work? We will have to wait and watch.

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