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Qubool Hai: Asad finds Zoya at last!

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Asad and Zoya's split might end seen, now that Asad has finally found Zoya in the show Qubool Hai. Asad accidentally finds Zoya, one fine night helping someone on the road.

When Zoya found Asad and Tanveer in a compromising position, she is left with very few choices to make - she has to either lives with this or leave. She chooses the later and disappears from Asad's life. Asad when finds out Zoya has left his house, is beyond distraught. He desperately reaches out for her. But Zoya is left with no clue as to where she has gone.

Meanwhile, Tanveer's pregnancy is giving threats to her plans. Her plan to somehow get Zoya out of the picture and get married to Asad is being put on hold, since Asad is not in a position to deal with anything in life, away from Zoya. Tanu is getting more desperate with each passing day since her baby bump is starting to show. Zoya, who left Asad's house, has taken shelter at an orphanage. She is as distraught as Asad. Both are living in each other's memories. Both are hallucinating each other's presence in their surroundings.

After searching for Zoya for a month, Asad finally finds her accidentally. He would be passing by in his car and finds some disturbance in front of an orphanage. He almost drives away, but he finds the lady who is helping a kid is none other than Zoya.

We will have to watch today’s episode to see their reunion. Whether or not Zoya leaves the orphanage and returns to Asad, the viewers had a sigh of relief, now that Asad has found Zoya.

Asad Finds Zoya

Asad has at last found Zoya accidentally. He will find her in front of an orphanage while driving by.

Asad Zoya Split

Their split took place when Tanveer managed to make Zoya see Asad in bed with herself. This shattered Zoya and her heart.

Tanveer's Win

Tanveer was successful in carrying out her tricks as usual and this time Asad and Zoya got the biggest of all hits.

Asad Looses Zoya

The previous time when Asad had tasted how it would be if something bad happens to Zoya, it was unbearable to him. The same thing is happening to him this time when she has left his house without leaving any clue as to where she is.

Distraught Love

Zoya has been away for a month, and Asad and herself have been having hallucinations of each other.

Asad's Hallucinations

Asad constantly sees Zoya around him. He sees her having dinner with him, he sees sitting next to him, sleeping next to him, talking to him and what not.

Tanveer And Zoya

Zoya, who had taken it as a challenge to prove Tanveer's evil side has been a failure so far. Tanveer has won in separating Asad and Zoya temporarily.

Fight For Love

Tanveer, who is pregnant, is more desperate to get married to Asad as soon as possible. Her baby bump that is going to be seen very soon is not helping her. She is going to get a lot more desperate soon.

Now that Asad has found Zoya, we will have to see how he would convince her to leave the orphanage and go to him.

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