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Qubool Hai: Asad honour bound to marry Tanveer?

By: Girija Narayan
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Just when everyone was about to relax in the show Qubool Hai, the mother-of-all twists has come to surface. Asad thinks he has made Tanveer pregnant!

When Zoya returns home and says she wants to forget what happened that night between Asad and Tanveer, and wants to end all this pain by getting married to him, everyone had a sigh of relief. Asad in particular was the most happiest.

Everyone get to work in getting Asad and Zoya married. Asad is in his room waiting for the time to get married to his love at last. But Tanveer has other plans. She comes to Asad with an evil plan. She stages an act to get Asad to think that Tanveer is pregnant with his baby.

Asad, who still thinks he has slept with Tanveer, believes Tanveer's words. Asad, then walks to Zoya, who is all prepared to get married to him, and takes her away. Everyone in the family are shocked to see the sudden change of events.

We have to wait for today's episode to see what happens next. Will Zoya try and make Asad understand that nothing actually happened between him and Tanveer that night? Or will Asad accepts this as his punishment and, in fact, get married to Tanveer? Let's wait and watch.

Zoya Comes Back To Her Loved Ones

Asad, who had accepted his fate to live life without his love, was beyond himself when he sees Zoya back at his place.

Asad Dumbstruck

Asad, when he sees Zoya walking towards him, is dumbstruck, he would not be able to utter one word the whole time.

Zoya Says She Wants To End All This

Zoya walks to Asad and tells she does not care what did or did not happened that night and would like to put all of this behind them, so she can start a new beginning with him. She says she wants to get married to him. And Asad accepts.

Asad ANd Zoya Wedding

Everyone gets to work in getting Asad and Zoya married. Zoya gets ready to get married while Asad too starts to become the groom.

Tanveer: Mother-Of-All Tricks

Tanveer comes to Asad and says she is happy for her friend, now that he has got back his love. She also says she has seen him suffer without Zoya and she is really happy her friend has got his love back.

She then stages an act to convince Asad that she has got pregnant. Asad, who still believes they had slept together that night naturally thinks that it is his child.

Asad Decides To Not Get Married To Zoya?

Asad then walks to Zoya, who is behind the pardah, to get married. He takes her hand and walks off. What will Asad tell Zoya? Will he say he has to marry Tanveer? Will Zoya be able to convince him nothing actually happened between him and Tanveer? We have to wait and watch.

Asad Marries Tanveer?

Will Asad be honour bound to marry Tanveer since he believes he has made her pregnant? Will Tanveer win over Zoya? We have to wait and watch.

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