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Qubool Hai: Asad In A Pickle, Has To Choose Between Sisters

By: Girija Narayan
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Qubool Hai so far has seen Asad (Karan Singh Grover) being the perfect guy in everything he does, but now when he is at a tricky situation of choosing between his sisters, one his own and another his step-sister, we get to see how he would deal with the whole situation.

During the whole Tanveer's attempts to eliminate Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) and get Asad married to herself, we got to see how sincere a person he is. When he thought he had impregnated Tanveer, he chose to marry Tanveer even though it was the most difficult thing to do.

He has always been a pillar of strength to his single-mother. Even though he opposed everything about his father, he has always been a perfect brother to Ayaan and his step-sisters.

To his own sister on the other hand, he has been the father she never had. He has always loved her and supported her in every aspect in life and has more than provided all her needs. Now, he is sort of in a place where his decision makes him take sides. Let's wait and watch how he sorts all this out.

While all this is happening, Asya (Asad and Zoya) have been on a romancing spree, from fulfilling each other's wishes to tech-sleeping together using web cam. Though there was a threat of Tanveer returning into their life, it seems like she is resting post her previous attempts.

On the other side, Humaira is back. She is done with the Rajini phase and is back to her family, who are ecstatic to see her. Especially Ayaan, who so far had taken Humaira for granted, is now in love with her and can't wait to have her back in his life. Let's wait and watch how their life unfolds.

Imran And Najma

Imran and Najma have realised they still love each other. Since Imran was engaged to Najma's sister Nikhat, they are not sure if getting back together is a good thing or not.

Imran's Mother

Imran's mother, who actually is the reason why Imran and Nikhat's engagement broke, is back to getting a bride for him. Imran, however, stops her and says he is in love with someone else.

Najma's Situation

Najma, who is pondering on whether Imran and herself should get back together or not, gets a shock when Zoya gets her ready to look at a prospective groom. Najma, after a while, just walks off.

Asya In A Daze

When the groom's mother starts talking and does not stop herself even to take a breath, everyone including Asad and Zoya would be in a daze not knowing what to say in this situation.

The Situation Gets Worse

The situation gets worse when Najma won't be able to take any more and walks off to her room leaving everyone shocked.

Zoya And Najma

Zoya would be the first one to back Najma. She supports Najma and says everyone loves her and would not force her to marry anyone she does not like. The situation shows the closeness the sister-in-laws have.

Najma Scared Of Asad

Najma is more scared of what Asad would say more than anything. She has not yet told Asad about Imran and is scared how he would react when he knows about the entire situation.

Najma Tells Asad About Imran

Najma tells both Zoya and Asad about Imran and Nikhat. This would complicate a lot many things. Asad, on the other hand, is shocked to hear about the entire issue.

Mr Khan

Mr Khan listens to the entire situation and says that the best thing is to talk to Nikhat about all this and then make a decision.

Ayaan And Nikhat

Ayaan knows how Nikhat is feeling right now and supports her love and says that if her love is real and strong, it will come true, no matter what.

Asad-Najma And Ayaan-Nikhat

Asad and Ayaan both love their sisters immensely and also their respective step sisters too. But when they realise that their sisters are in love with the same individual we have to wait and watch how they would make decisions about what is fair and what is not.

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