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Qubool Hai: Asya At Last Tonight; Spoiler Photos Show Romantic Reunion!

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Qubool Hai's fans are going to have their favourite couple Asya reunite tonight. The main lead characters Asad and Zoya, who had got separated for the past month due to unavoidable circumstances, are going to come together in tonight's episode.

Asad and Zoya, played by Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti respectively, had been separated, as we all know, due to the accidental wedding between Ayaan and Zoya. The whole story took a sharp U-turn due to this.

The shows' fans had been expressing their displeasure quite vocally on all the social media networks. Also, the TRP rating of the show too took a dip, could or could not be because of the change in the story line. And now that we have their favourite Asya together, let's watch if the ratings improve now.

The main issue that had kept them apart has taken a side step and leaving the love birds free to get back together. Asad, who even solved the Tanveer and Imran issue by bringing things to the open, has put an end to the whole issue once in for all.

Also, by taking Zoya away from the place where she was not wanted, Asad ended their separation at one go. Like the spoilers had shown, Asad would not waste any time in bringing her back to him. Apparently, Rashid and the rest of the family might try to stop him, but he would not budge this time.

Let's wait and watch for tonight's episode to see how Asad would face the world and fight them to take Zoya away with him in Qubool Hai.

Asad Takes Zoya Away

Asad, who had waited a long time for this, wasted no time in taking Zoya away from her.

Asad And Najma

When Tanveer decides to expose Imran to the society, Asad would be prepared for this. He would, in fact, bring out the actual story to the open himself.

Asad Would Not Wait

Asad would not wait any more time to bring Zoya back. He would leave to get Zoya soon after he dealt with Tanveer's issue.


Humaira is the person who makes things easy. She would not be able to take any more of Zoya taking her place in her own house.


Ayaan is happy now that Asad and Zoya got back together.

Asad Takes Zoya Away

Asad would take Zoya away. They had got separated on their wedding day.

Zoya's Mistake

Zoya's mistake was to get into a situation where she ended up marrying Asad's brother Ayaan.

Asad And Zoya

Asad and Zoya are back together at last, and Asad is all prepared with a romantic evening to celebrate their re-union.

Karan Singh Grover

Karan Singh Grover received the Best Actor award this year.

ITA 2013

Surbhi Jyoti tensed during the announcement of awards.

Karan Thanked

Karan Singh Grover thanked his fans for their love and support he has received.

Surbhi Jyoti

Surbhi Jyoti got the award for most promising actress this year.

Surbhi Jyoti-Zoya

Surbhi Jyoti plays the role of Zoya in the show Qubool Hai.

Neha Laxmi

Neha Laxmi plays the role of Najma in the show. She was in the award ceremony supporting the actors.

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