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Qubool Hai: Asya Post Seperation; Exchange Hand Written Letters

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Qubool Hai's Asad and Zoya have got separated again and are surviving their split in the memories of each other and hurting. The same with Ayaan and Humaira too. Also, the story about Zoya and her father seems to be taking the center stage now.

Asad makes the decision to make Nikhat the top priority and go along with Zoya and Ayaan wedding. Though Zoya resists this initially and refuses to stay away from Asad, she would trust Asad and do as he said. Zoya and Ayaan get married, Asad leave immediately and Nikhat's wedding with Farhan gets back on track.

Post this, however, Asad-Zoya and Ayaan-Humaira would start feeling the emptiness caused due to the separation from their loved ones. Asad would send Zoya some of her belongings which she finds difficult to stay away from, with a hand written letter for her. Zoya too would give him a reply, hand written.

In the midst of all this suffering, one person seems to be equally suffering after Zoya and Ayaan's marriage and that happens to be none other than Razia. She had been out of the scene after Badi Bi's issue, but now she is back to plotting.

Razia had been successful in keeping Mamujaan and Zoya from finding out about each other until now, but now since Zoya is in the same house she is going to find it a challenge.

Let's wait and watch how both the couple would survive this separation for three long months and how Zoya would find her father in the midst of all this in Qubool Hai.

Asad Misses Zoya

Asad after leaving Zoya in Ayaan's house has not set his eyes on her and is missing her terribly.

Asad Hallucinating

Asad would see Zoya on bed, but when he moves closer would find her disappear.

Loving Memories

Their memories would start coming back to hurt Asad terribly.

The Last Moments Together

Those last moments when they saw each other would come back to haunt Asad.

Zoya At Ayaan's Residence

Zoya at Ayaan's residence would miss Asad too. She would remember the time when Asad had given her the ring.

All Four Hurt

Fate has got these two couple's lives tangled.

Asad Would Send...

Asad would find Zoya's belongings without which she cannot live and send them to her with a hand written letter along with it.

Zoya Too Sends A Letter

Zoya would reply to Asad with a hand written letter where she says that what she cannot live without is not those materials, but himself.

Zoya And Mamujaan

Zoya would be lost in her memories looking at her father's gift. Mamujaan hears the music, but would be stopped in his tracks to find the origin of the music, thanks to Razia.

But will she be able to keep the father and daughter away for long?

3 Months

The divorce papers would have three months dated on it. So this separation would last for three whole months of hurting? Or would the separation would end in Zoya finding her father? Let's see.

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