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Qubool Hai: Asya Suffering Separation; Tanveer Gets Asad Arrested Now!

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Qubool Hai's hot favourite couple Asad and Zoya continue to suffer their separation while many factors continue to keep them apart, the latest being the mysterious back injury Ayaan suffered. Now, the spoilers suggest that Tanveer is going to enter the scene to keep Asad and Zoya apart by getting Asad arrested.

Asad and Zoya get separated, as we all know the reason why, and they are living in a nightmare with Zoya married to Ayaan and living away from each other. Asad, who did not step in Rashid's house for so many years is forced by himself to be back, just to get a glimpse of Zoya.

Though they were supposed to get back together as soon as Nikhat's wedding takes place, Ayaan gets injured badly and Zoya is forced to pick sides between Asad and Ayaan. Whether to just leave everything and go to Asad or be a responsible person and stay with Ayaan until he gets well?

She chooses the later and stays with Ayaan just until he recovers. Though it would hurt Asad pretty badly to see Zoya tend to another person, he stands back idle, waiting.

Razia and Shirin, on the other hand, are aware of Asad meeting Zoya often are still in a dilemma whether to bring the issue up or ignore it. Razia, though is determined to put an end to this whole issue as soon as possible so she can rest in peace, is not in a state to make any decisions. Also, now that Zoya has locked herself out of the house, the issue is set to come to light. Let's watch how Zoya deals with this issue now.

Also, the latest spoilers say that Tanveer is going to try her level best to keep Asad and Zoya apart, and in this attempt, she would get Asad arrested somehow. Zoya too, in the latest Qubool Hai promo, is shown determined to get back to Asad and is ready to even fight their destiny for them.

Tanveer Determined

Tanveer is now determined to keep Asad and Zoya apart.

Zoya Stands Ground

Zoya too takes a stand to get back to Asad no matter what.

Fight Destiny

Zoya promises to fight their destiny to get back to Asad.


Tanveer targets Asad this time. Latest spoilers say she will get Asad arrested to keep him apart from Zoya.


Nikhat's wedding, which had kept Asad and Zoya separated, is finally over. But she is yet to find out some very disturbing secrets about her husband Farhan.

Asad's Dream

Post Nikhat's wedding, Asad would be waiting for Zoya to return.

Ayaan Gets Injured

Zoya would not reach Asad, but would be at the hospital with Ayaan since he would have been badly hurt.

Dilshad Encourages

Dilshad encourages Asad to fight the destiny to get Zoya.

Asad And Zoya Hug

Asad comes to pick up Zoya, but when it does not happen would be upset. Also, they would hug each other at this point in front of Shirin and Razia.

Asad Back To See Zoya

Asad would not be able to keep himself from dropping at Zoya's place to get a glimpse of her.


Asad and Zoya confess to each other how much they are missing each other.

Asad Says

Asad would promise, this is all going to end very soon and they will get back together.

Shirin And Razia

Shirin and Razia watch Asad and Zoya outside the house.

Let's wait and watch how the story moves forward from here.

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