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Qubool Hai: Ayaan Asks Asad To Give Him, His Bride, Zoya!

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Qubool Hai's last episode had Asad hearing that his love Zoya has got married to his brother by accident and also Ayaan asks him to give him his bride Zoya to save their sister Nikhat's life.

The entire story of Qubool Hai took a sharp turn when Ayaan and Zoya end up getting married. And now, Ayaan is asking Asad to go along with this just until Nikhat will get married to Farhan. Asad is now compelled to make a decision. Whether to hurt his sister Nikhat or give up the person he loves the most, Zoya.

He picks the later and asks Zoya to go to Ayaan. Just for the time being until the issue with Nikhat gets settled. Zoya, would not accept this proposition saying she cannot live away from him and she cannot live anywhere else but here. Though she resists Asad would force her to make the decision to go to Ayaan by saying this is a test for their love. Asad, in fact, takes Zoya to Ayaan's place himself.

This change in the story line can also lead to her finding her real father too. This situation would make her live in Ayaan's residence where her father is residing too. Most probably the whole situation would end happily when Zoya finds her father and also since there is no doubt that Ayaan and Zoya have no feelings for each other. The Asad-Zoya and Ayaan-Humaira track will resume there after.

Asad Confused

Asad confused with the call he gets from Ayaan.

Asad Worried About Nikhat

Asad would be worried about Nikhat and would be wondering what has happened. Zoya says she knows what Ayaan was saying.

Zoya About To Say

Zoya would be about to say what has happened between Ayaan and her, but by then Ayaan enters.

Nikhat Attempts To Kill Herself

Nikhat after hearing Haseena breaking off her marriage with Farhan would slit her wrist. Though her family members save her on time, she would be depressed with everything that is happening to her.

Ayaan Makes A Decision

Ayaan seeing Nikhat would decide that he would do what ever it takes to change their fate. He leaves to meet Asad.


Asad hugs Ayaan and enquires what had actually happened and what made Nikhat take this extreme step.

Asad Promises

Ayaan tells Nikhat has tried to kill herself since Haseena broke off the engagement. Asad would tell him he would do what ever that is needed to bring back a smile on Nikhat.

Ayaan Tells

Ayaan tells Asad that to make Nikhat happy, he will have to give him something.

Ayaan Asks For Zoya

Ayaan says that to make Nikhat happy and married to Farhan, he has to give him his bride, Zoya.

Zoys Shocked

When Zoya hears what Ayaan is asking, would be shocked.


Asad asks Zoya if it is true. If she has got married to Ayaan. Asad would be shattered to know that its true that Zoya was married to Ayaan for real.

Asad Angry

When Ayaan says Zoya did not do anything wrong. Asad would react by pinning Ayaan to the wall.

Asad Reacts Violently

Asad when comes to know what has happened, would turn positively violent.

Ayaan Leaves The Decision To Asad

Ayaan would leave saying Nikhat's life is at stake and he has to make a decision regarding this.

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