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Qubool Hai: Dilshad-Rashid And Asya Ready With Surprises; Vikrant (Ayaan) May Quit!

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Qubool Hai's famous couple Asya are now back together and are seen enjoying their re-union. Asad is planning a surprise birthday party for Zoya, and in the meanwhile Rashid, post heart attack has realised his undying love for Dilshad and he decides to spend the rest of his life with her. Also, Vikrant Massey, popularly known as Ayaan, is unsure if he will be returning to the show after his break to do a film.

Qubool Hai's Asad and Zoya are back together and are back to their romance. Asad is planning a surprise birthday party for Zoya. Unaware of this Zoya is in the illusion that Asad has forgotten about her special day.

Rashid, post his heart attack has relaised that his heart is with Dilshad and he can't stay away from her any longer. He calls Dilshad and expresses his wish to live the rest of his life with her. Dilshad, who has been praying for his recovery is shocked with this news and is worried about the repercussions of this. Looks like we should brace ourselves for some major earthquakes in the show.

Also, Vikrant Massey or Ayaan from the show is taking a break from the show to do a Bollywood film. Though the producers of the show are saying, "Vikrant won't be able to dedicate dates to the show since he will be shooting for a movie for the next couple of months. But he will appear in a few scenes for continuity and return to the show later."

Vikrant Massey said in an interview, "I won't be shooting for the next few days since I am advised bed rest after I hurt my tailbone. The movie I was set to start shooting, has been pushed on the backburner, but I will take a break from the show to shoot for other projects. I don't know if I am returning to the show or not. I will discuss the same with my producers in a few days and only then will I be able to comment on it." Let's wait to know more about this.

Rashid Calls Dilshad

Rashid calls Dilshad and tells he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Dilshad Shocked

Dilshad is shocked to hear Rashid's decision. Rashid asks her ti meet him at dargah.


Shirin wakes up and asks Rashid what is disturbing him.

Shirin's Reaction

Shirin will come to know about this very soon and her reaction to this change in her husband will be interesting to watch.

Rashid Meets Dilshad

Rashid meets Dilshad at the Dargah and confirms what he said during their phone conversation.


Dilshad would come to Dargah to pray for Rashid's health and Rashid would meet her there.

Rashid Tells

Rashid expresses his feeling towards her and tells he has decided that he will spend his time with her no matter what.


Razia witnesses Rashid and Dilshad holding hands and talking at the Dargah.

Rashid And Dilshad

Rashid, who had left Dilshad and his kids long time ago, lived with this burden. But now he has realised that he does not want to live his life without Dilshad any more.

Zoya's Birthday

Asad would not wish Zoya in the night and in the morning he would still continue to pretend he does not remember.

Zoya Tries Her Best

Zoya would try her best to remind Asad without actually telling him about it.

Zoya At Last

Zoya would not give up till the end. She would continue to believe Asad will remember very soon.

Spoiler Photo

Spoiler photo show that Zoya at last confront him. Asad then would pretend to have forgotten by mistake.

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