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Qubool Hai: First Ever Asya Fight And Patch Up, But Again...

By: Girija Narayan
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Qubool Hai saw Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya's (Surbhi Jyoti) first ever couple-fight. Though they patch up soon enough the new character drops in to keep the fight going.

Qubool Hai's Asad and Zoya have successfully had their first fight recently. Zoya would have demanded tickets for an event and Asad would have failed to get them for her. Zoya, determined to watch the show leaves in a haste alone and ends up stranded in the middle of no where when the buses are on strike.

Zoya then fetches a lift from a car passing by and reaches home. The guy, Rajvir, who happens to take her home is said to be the new entry into the show.

Back at home things are at a boiling point. Asad worried about Zoya's whereabouts would decide to search the entire city, if that was what was needed to get her home safe. Just when he is about to leave to search for her, Zoya reaches home safe and sound, thanks to the stranger who gives her a lift home.

Asad though happy to see her home, safe and sound, would again get mad at her for being this careless about her safety. He ends up yelling at her and Zoya too would exchange words with Asad in anger.

After some time however, they would realise they in fact were a little unfair and would hug out the issue. But the issue does not end there, though the couple would think they are back to being normal, Zoya would has not yet said how she got home gets into trouble very soon.

The next morning, the stranger who gave Zoya the lift home would appear at the door step, giving the love birds, Asya, a good shock. Zoya who recover her manners soon enough to enquire about his appearance, but, Asad on the other hand stands fuming when the stranger hold Zoya's hand to give her earring back.

Asya are now back to square one. Asad is angry with Zoya and Zoya trying to convince him she is correct in doing what she did. Though it is clear that the issue would not obviously separate Asya, the new character who has entered the show has all the possibility in becoming the male version of Tanveer! Let's wait and watch how things turn out.

Zoya Back Home Safe

Zoya some how makes it to home safe but Asad would end up yelling at her out of concern for her own safety. Zoya on the other hand defends herself saying she is an adult and keep herself safe.

Angry With Each Other

After their fight both leave with a huff and puff.

Imran And Najma Help

Imran and Najma who happen to be there, think what is happening is unfair and they should sort things out without hurting each other.

Angry But..

Though both were angry they knew the anger would not last for ever. Their first fights ends calmly.

Asya Patch Up

Asad and Zoya who exchanged words in the heat of the situation regret their words eventually.

Happy Ending

A happy ending to the eventful day. Everyone are happy including Asya and their loved ones.

Love In The Air Again

Love is back in their lives after the fight they had. Both know they love each other after all.

Things Get Bad

When everything looks like it is getting back to normal, the new guy Rajvir drops at their door surprising everyone.

The New Guy

The new guy Rajvir, drops in to return Zoya's earring. Asad who did not know about Zoya getting a lift home in a stranger's car, is fuming.

Asad Fumes

Asad stands fuming when the stranger holds Zoya's hand to return her earring.

The New Guy

The new guy has entered Asya's life. Though there is no major problem in their lives, the way things seem, the chances of the new guy turning out to be the new Tanveer in their lives is pretty high.

Back To Square One

After the stranger leaves, Asya are back to square one. Back to fighting.

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