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Qubool Hai: Gul Khan Scared To Get Asad And Zoya Married?

By: Girija Narayan
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Qubool Hai's numerous twists and turns in the story that has been preventing Asad and Zoya's wedding can only mean one thing, Gul Khan, the maker of the show, does not want it to happen. The reason she has been keeping their wedding from happening might be that she is scared the romance between Asad and Zoya will come to an end as soon as they say Qubool Hai at their own wedding.

We have all seen for how long the Asad and Zoya are taking to get married. Initially, they had difficulty to just get engaged. After a long time and delay they got engaged. What was left was for them to get married, which has been stopped at every point, due to number of factors. If once Asad is found in bed with Tanveer, next Zoya gets married to Asad's brother and many other reasons in between.

All this is coming to show that Gul Khan, the writer of the show has some difficulty in accepting the fact that what is left in the show is for Asad and Zoya to get married. Well then the question arises that, will the romance between Asad and Zoya (which is the main selling point of the show) seize to entertain the viewers once they get married? Hmmm, we will have to leave it to the viewers to ponder on this question.

Gul Khan's Favourite Couple

Looks like Gul Khan loves the characters so much that she does not want to change them.

Here is where the story is, continue reading story..

Tanveer Back In Action

Tanveer has targeted Asad now and is forcing him to forget Zoya and consider her to get married.

Asad Gets Police

Irritated Asad decides to get the police to warn Tanveer off.

Tanveer Plays Victim

Tanveer would try to play the victim.

Asad Gets Arrested

Asad would get arrested when police find Tanveer looking like she is attacked.

Tanveer Plays Good

Tanveer manages to convince the police that she was attacked.

Asad Misses Zoya

Asad after getting a bail would come running to Zoya, but she would have left by then.

Asad With Police

Asad tried to make the police understand, but the police were not in a position to listen.

Tanveer's Act

Tanveer cooks up a story saying she was attacked by Asad.

Zoya Waiting

While Asad would be arrested Zoya would be waiting for him to pick her up.

Zoya Goes Back To Ayaan

After waiting for a long time, Zoya would go back to Ayaan.

Ayaan Tries To Make Zoya Understand

Ayaan would try to make Zoya understand that there would be some reason why he could not come to her. But she would not be in a position to listen to him.


While Ayaan and Zoya would be talking about how difficult it is for Zoya to stay away from Asad, Shirin would be at the door listening to them.

Nikhat's Story

Nikhat would come to know that Farhan had been putting her to sleep using a pill everyday. She would tell this to Farhan before dozing off.

Asya Separate Forever

Asad and Zoya have been struggling to get back together, hoping Gul Khan would make this happen very soon.

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